Thursday, June 29, 2006

You are going to have a very comfortable old age.

Well that's at least what my forution cookie told me....yeah it told me alright. Yeah, we had chinese food tonight. It was good. I wonder why I almost always end up blogging after I take a shower. It's just like what I do know. hell I can just sit here and type away. Just think if I really talked to someone this much. I'd bet they would just up and walk away from me. well, maybe not that.

humm....I need well want another cookie. hummm...You will be advanced socially, without any special effort.

D'oh. I just posted this blog and I wasn't even done with it yet.

oh and by the way......FUCK. Now, not only do I have to wake up at some unGodly hour. I get to wake up earlier now. I have to take my dad to the airport now on my way to work. I guess it's not that big of a deal. I just didn't want to wake up that much earlier.

Blah, I guess this is the end of my blog for tonight. I seem to have runed out of things to type about.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First thing

That I did this morning was turn on my computer. Then checked my e-mails, left a comment...And deleted a "friend" from my space. I kind of wonder if they will notice that I am not in their top 8 anymore. I know I look at my top 8 a bunch. I even notice when pictures change. Maybe, that's just me. I deleted it and I feel fine. I even almost took off another one. I just didn't see much of a point in going above and beyond what was needed. So I guess it's all up from here. Not that I was really that low, it's just a silly girl...Right?

so I'm back to spending way to much time trying to fix my hard drive. So far it isn't looking that good. (oh goodie my brother came home with his waste of time girl friend....Or what ever she is.)

I guess I should pay some bills. Maybe I'll blog more later, seeing as I seem to be in a blogging kind of mood these past days. Well, more like month.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Far far away

That's right. Maybe I should just pack up and move out. Some place that take atleast a day to get too. Some place like Las Vegas. Ha! That's funny. Though, maybe I should look into it. I'm sure I could get a temp to hire down there. I did it here. It's not like I'm scared of moving, might not like the thought of being homeless while I move. But you gotta take that step some time. Maybe I just need sleep or a punching bag. Something to stop me from doing all this stinking thinking. Maybe (there have been a lot of maybes so far) I just need to go to sleep. It'll be one of the few nights that I go to sleep before 10pm. That's not a bad idea seeing as I got to wake up around 5am...yuck! But it pays my few bills.

I wonder if I moved out would I still spend as much time just sitting here typing away. I got so much to say and no one close to talk to. Maybe (that word again) the single life is just starting to bug me. Hell, it seems like my mood has just gone down. I bet it's 'cause of you know who. I guess I just need to find a new chicka. Simple in plan. Or I could always hit on the girls at work who are taken. Yeah, mess up someone elses life. Now there's a good idea. This homie don't play that game.

yeah fo0k the spell check, I'm going to sleep.

p.s. I hope someone puts my clothes in the dryer tonight.

Why do I blog?

If you were to take the time and read some of my first posts I made. Heck, even up into January 2006, you would see that I was kind of bitter (to say the least). I would like to think I've changed...For the better. I know the mood in these lil blogs of my so called life have changed too. Ha, I even did a few mood color postings. That was different. Maybe it's cause I don't really have anyone to talk to. Well, I know there are people I could talk to. I just don't like talking to people, I think that's it. People can always talk back. I can type here and I got no one to stop me. Well other than getting asked to do something around the house. Maybe all these people not talking to me anymore has gotten to me. 'Cause what's the point in opening up to someone who wont talk to you the next day.

Fuck, maybe I should delete some "friends" from myspace. Yeah...One is going bye bye. Fuck it. See look, now I'm in a pissy mood. Maybe deleting it would make me feel better. What the heck am I doing typing about this now. It has nothing to do with what I had started out with. Blah. Maybe, I just got too much time to think. Thinking...Doesn't really do any good. Doing (good or bad) does stuff. I can sit here and think what ever I want to and nothing is going to happen. Ahh comments from friends, always brings a smile to my face. I'm such a geek.

Oh well, it's my life and aint no one going to change me, though some have tried hard.

Yeah...can't sleep.

Yeah, so it's just about 11pm and here I am eating and blogging. Don't really know what to blog about. I'm NOT going to blog about a silly girl anymore. Just not going to happen. I'll blog about cars and food and the interweb. yeah, that sounds like a good ol time. Might even blog about work too.

how about I blog about school. Or my family. Blah, I've blogged enough about my brother to make a grown man sick. Or how about how I plan on moving out in a few weeks, even if it is into the back yard. Or the real reason behind my blogging anything at all. Wouldn't you like to know that. But no, here I am wasting my time typing away at a stupid monitor. At least I don't have to look at the keyboard to type. That makes it easy enough. Humm...I wonder how many words per min. I can type. I remember back in highschool in my keyboarding class I was able to do some where around 20 words per min. I would think I'm about three times as fast. Even with the typos that I go back and fix.

But when it comes down to it, who really cares what i blog about? It's not their blog. I do have some friends who stop by. That's always nice.

well I am almost done eating, so I guess I should be going to sleep.

Yay for mondays.

The e-mail.

Here you go. Have at it.

Hey there doll. Sorry you haven't heard from me. Haven't been home for over a
week or so. I messed up my leg pretty good and been at a riends house and doped
up on medications. Just got back this morning actually.Work has been keeping me
really busy as of my higher up supervisors quitting and me having to step up
yuck!!!! I know that it is no excuse just been swampe with that nad my jacked up
leg :-( I have to b at work today at like 12:45pm until like 3am so another long
day. I will try to give you a call sometime in there. Depends when i get time
off. They are changing all schedules at work so i am going to soon be working
12pm-to 8pm more of a normal schedule so will b easier to chit chat :-) Wll
gotta do stuff for work and things so i will tlak to you
P.s. I would never tell you to fuck off

There you have it. Pick it what you will. Lets just hope she doesn't read this. Hell, if she did...well she would have said something by now. So whatever. I guess I could always delete it if it goes bad.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Big weekend for me...kinda

Well I had a lot on my mind that I thought I wanted to post a lil blog about. Only thing is that I was out of town just about all weekend. I've thought about making one lil post for each topic on my mind, but in the end I think that's just going to waste more of my time. So, you're going to be stuck reading one long post. If you even read it at all, doesn't really matter to me as I'm not doing this for you. ;)

My Birfday

and soo much more...

Well On Saturday I turned the great age of 24. I didn't really do anything that would make you go "woofreakinghoo". I spent it out of town helping a buddy race his boat down the 1/4 mile. Over all it was fun. How can it not be? You got loud noises and fast boats! But on the other side I couldn't help but feel like the 3rd leg at times. I don't know if it's just me, or if I'm just estupid guy (inside joke for those that aren't in das know). I can't help but remember the fist weekend there. Met up with this chicka, had a fun time. (I don't want this to sound like self pity or like I'm wanting ya to feel sorry for me, Cause I don't.) I guess I'm just human and remember fun times. I got a bunch of text messages, more than I thought you guys rock!, even a few phone calls. I and I didn't get text messages from people I didn't think would. There's just this silly girl. Maybe it's just 'cause she's the last silly girl I've had on my mind. I'm sure that's it. I want to call....But I don't. What harm does a phone call do? As often as I'd call, not much. I just keep thinking to my self that I'd end up talking to the voice mail again. And that just boggles my mind. Some left me a comment awhile back saying that I was quick to draw (a gun not a picture) that 30 hours was too soon to write her off. Well it's now been weeks, so I was right at my 30 hour mark. Woohoo what do I win!? Gah...Why do things like that bug me so much? Guys are dumb. I just keep thinking about all these "what ifs" and typing them out for y'all to read. Congrats for you.

Damn I spent all that time typing about a silly girl who doesn't even have the time to send me a stinking text message and I forgot what else I was going to type about. I don't think you want to read any more of her. Though the idea of posting the e-mail she sent me sounds kinda interesting, I'm just not sure how much I want to hear what you got to say. Some times it's just more fun reading what I want to read out of it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Proof of life

Well the other day I couldn't sleep. I wans't that tired and I had something on my mind that was just bugging me. It was that silly girl...ya ya I know been there, blogged that. Well anyways I thought I'd give it one last try, say my peace and put the ball all up in her court. Well, I got an e-mail back and it didn't say "fuck off", well I guess if youget down to it it (love the "it it") was in here. I guess I could just post the whole friggin e-mail here for y'all to read and pick apart. But, what fun would that be? Now, really?

Humm...I don't know what color to make this post. What's the color for blah? Ok I think this should be about right :P


So yesterday I was trying to change some things on my computer. All I ended up doing we fucking it up. Today I reinstalled my Windows XP and tomorrow I am going to try to save the rest of my stuff. All my songs, my movies, my files....everything is gonna be gone. That sucks. So I guess I need to make better backs ups. I knew I should have do that before hand, but noooooo. Oh well. I guess I'll learn the hard way.

Damn, I wish I could read minds. I'd just be able to answer so many of my questions.

btw....I think I'm going to start doing mood color posting :P well maybe.....sometimes.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


So I was looking through my friends list on I only have 35 "friends" on it. Are they really my friends? There are 5 or 6 people I could delete and not really think twice about it. If I delete them would that make them my unfriend? Friends should call you back, friends should reply, you shouldn't get in a pissy mood cause you know someone checked your message...They are just too good to reply back (I bet ya can't guess who did that). So what does it take to be a friend? Well, I guess I could leave the people that I knew from high school. I could also leave the people that I've met outside of Its the random adds that, well I've already deleted for the most part.

At the same time I don't want to be an asshole and delete people or not call them back. Fuck, so there are a few people who I haven't really replied to. So maybe I'm just pissed at people who don't want to reply to me and not the other way around. Hell, I got family that are on and I don't even have them on my list. Maybe that's cause most of them are 5 years younger, 10 years older, or live someplace where I don't even know. Eh, I'm not a big family kind of guy anyways. Just like I'm not a friend for the masses. I just want a few good family members and a few close friends.

So if you can make it on my friends list and stay. More power to you! :)

Gone Bowling

Yeah it rocked. I like got beat be some cute girls ;) . So it wasn't all bad. We wont go to what my score was. Had some beer and free bownling. Not as many people came as we thought, but all the cool people came. So what more could you ask for. It was a good time. gotta do it again! just gotta.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Can't sleep

So I thought I'd post a lil something for today. I don't really have any idea about what though. I keep wanting to send an e-mail to someone, but I don't think it'd do any good. So that's what's been holding me off on doing that. But that's just me with my silly girl problem. Well, at least I'm not trying to hit anything that moves like some people I know. In the mean time I just fine my self reading news on mostly just tech junk. Gotta keep up with the times dude.

well I guess I should try going to sleep again.....blah, at least it's gonna be Friday.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So I was looking around today

And that was when I found this blog. Well I found it from a link from someone elses blog.

Her latest post relates the problem of being homeless, drug addicted, and getting help. It is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation; a certain catch-22 of sorts
I think it'd be worth your time to take a look at it. Well if you got some free time that is. ;)

New hobby

I think I need to find my self a new hobby. The question is, what do I want my new hobby to be? It has to be something that it only takes one to do. So what would that be. Cooking? nah that's not even a hobby. Humm. RC cars...That's an idea, not a cheap one though. Paint balling, fun stuff. Pricy too. See that's the thing, I can sit here and blog or do most of what ever I want to do and it doesn't cost much.

I just ended my pay to play game. It just isn't much fun anymore. So I went out side and did some running. That felt good, I just need to put new songs on my mp3 player. Maybe I just need to hit something. ohh a punching bag. Maybe I'll take up kick boxing :P now there's an idea. Or join a gym. I might do the gym thing. It will eat up some of this free time that I got. Though I wouldn't have a spotter, I could still use the machines just no free weights. Then I'd also have to take a class or something to make sure I'm doing something that would help me out. Eh, it's something to think about.

School would help, that just doesn't start for a few more months. I wonder if I could do gym, rent, school, and work all at the same time. Hell with some luck maybe I could toss in a chicka or something. Nothing wrong with wishfull thinking.

So I guess I'll just sit here and play some single player games or something. Woohoo go me! ;)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Running seems to be a good way to think things over. I even went running twice. Just felt like it today. Gives me time just to be me and not sit here on a computer typing away. Though this isn't bad at all. Just my legs up on my speaker box. I think my legs are going to hurt tomorrow.....YaY I can take a shower now...brb...

Ok I'm back. Nice and clean.

So yeah bowling this weekend. That should be a blast. Just a lil get together with co-workers...And ex-co-workers ;) I wonder how many will show up when it comes down to it. Hell, it's been over two years since I last went bowling. Got a free game pass and never used it. How sucky is that. That was way back when I was in the Air Force. Now those were the good ol' days. Well these days I'm in now aren't that bad at all. I think I'm even having more fun. So all is good.....Or is it?!? ;)

Monday, June 12, 2006


ahh today was good. Didn't get much done at work though. I did just piss my brother off a few min ago. That doesn't bug me at all. Seeing as sometimes he hates me and sometimes he doesn't. So eh, what ever.

Hum, it sucks knowing that someone just doesn't want to talk to you. I just can't seem to get past that. This silly boy was going to invite this silly girl to the boat races again. Now it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Bummer right. I guess that's life. I can't win them all. Hell, I'm lucky just to break even. I guess it's my fault...kinda. Pff to that. I didn't do a damn thing wrong. I bet she just found a new guy, or maybe the old guy came back...Who knows. So if that's the case, I should just stop and say fuck it. No point in digging my self a bigger hold than I already have. It was fun while it lasted, so I should just remember the good times. Well, pff to that too. Remembering the good times just makes one want to have more good times. If I remember the poopy times, then why would I want to spend more time with her.

So I'll just sit here and get fat eating KFC. Ohh and go bowling this weekend. You should go.

By the way

I was in shorts and sandals all weekend. I didn't get any kind of a sun burn, just a nice lil tan on my not-so-white legs. So that worked out just fine.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

This weekend

Was friggin long! I just got home a few min ago and wanted to blog somethings down while they were on my mind.

Boat racing is sooooo much fun. It was easy today, at the same time that's kinda sucky. He got knocked out in the first round of racing. So yeah. And I just had to drive him in and out of the water 3 or 4 times yesterday. But the food was oh so good. BBQed tri-tip and cake and ice cream and good people (well didn't bbq the people) and a few beers and some waters and and and... Just fun times.

Then there's been something bugging me over the weekend. Why is it that silly girls (well, they don't all start off silly) stop talking to me? First I wasn't getting the text messages, witch are easy to do while at work. Ok fine, no biggie. But, now we've gone from talking just about every day (or every other day) to well....To not having one voice mail returned, text replied, or anything in just about two weeks. It's not like I called 20 times a day just to see what she was doing. I just would like at least a little something in return. Something saying "hey I'm a lil busy with life right now, I'll catch you later" or "I fucking hate you. youfucking fuck head (well you get the picture ;) )" but I get nothing. I didn't think it was that hard to hit the reply button. Lord knows I don't reply to everyone all the time, but I do reply to people that I want to talk to. So going by that, she doesn't want to talk to me. Well aint that a bitch. So that's 2 out of 3 that don't talk to me anymore. Well, I did get an e-mail from one of the 2 the other day....Hell, that was a fucking reply (only took 5 months to get one). If she could do it anyone could. That's the way I see it.

Now what if someone reads this you may be asking your self. Well then at least they know where they stand in my view. That's a hell of a lot more than I get. All they'd have to do is call me and ask me, and I'd tell them my views. Kinda hard to do when I'm the only one doing the talking...And talking to voice mails. What ever, there's more fish in the sea, right? I hate fishing though. So now what do I do?


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

what to do

well first off I'm going to get something to eat. It's been about 10 hours since I've had 3 tacos. so Yeah, I need food like now.

well anyways, yesterday I sent an e-mail to this chicka that I haven't talked to in awhile. Well, more so hasn't talked to me. Well, I was driving home and thought to my self that I'd just come out and ask her: "Just what was the reason that we don't talk any more?". I didn't think I'd get a reply back from her, but I did.

So here I am thinking of how I should reply to this. Should I go, "well that's fuck off bitch!" I'm thinking no. That's just not my style. Deep down inside I know life happens and that we all have a different way of dealing with it. So, I'm gonna reply maybe tomorrow maybe tonight after I post this. Who knows.
so maybe I'll just post this then work on a reply.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I was saying...

Maybe I was just in a bitter mood. Feel better not that I got some food and what-not.

well anyways, it's about 10 and I need to get sleep.


Maybe it's a lack of sleep. Or just something different. I got no clue. I just feel kinda blah right now. Tired and blah not much fun. fuck it I'm going to carls jr.

I shall post more later.

Almost 30 hours later

And still no call back. Not that I'm counting, right. So I guess I'll give her a call in the next day or so. If I don't hear back from her then I guess It's time to add her to the "not talking to me" list. There's only one on it so far. What ever, it's her loss right. That's what every one says. Maybe I should work on my game, yeah that's it. But that's just not me. I am me. Not gonna pretend for someone else. Screw that. So if someone can't call me back, are they even worth my time? (mmmm....Left over pizza)

So other than my girl problems, or lack there of. Things seem to be going good. It's funny, I've said that before and always ended up taking about 10000000 steps back in the wrong direction. Humm I wonder if she takes the time to read this. I know if she looks, she'll find the link to my blog. Maybe I should delete that.

Ah fuck it. Maybe I should just start talking about people that bug me. Then everyone that I know would know where they stand, right? 'Course I might not have any friends when all is said and done. Sometimes it is nice to know where you stand in someone else's views though. Even if it does sting a lil, at least you know.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

This weekend

This weekend. Humm what have I done this weekend to better my life? Not a damn thing. Unless a beer (or two) keeps something bad away. So I don't know. Just wasting my life here in my chair. But it's what I want to do, so what's the big deal. I even looked though my cell phone contacts list for someone I felt like calling. I'm just not really in a calling mood. Never really have been. So I made one call...Talked to one voice mail. So I think that will be an end to my calling for tonight.

Yesterday I went out and got my hairs cut. Today I was going to go and get my car washed, but as you can't see I am still in my PJs. I guess I just like not having drama in my life. Well I think we all like that. Like my cats, they live a drama free life. Sleep all day, drink some fish water, go run around out side, and sleep some more. Sounds like a good life to me. Maybe I just need to get a softer chair to sit in. Or a bigger room to get me a nice soft comfty chair.

well I'm going to go play with my cell phone, I think I'm going to try and find a new theme for it.


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