Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just an update on me.

Computer: dead
Job: rocks
Life: ???
Girl: n/a
Car: I had one (Don't have one anymore)
debt: Oh wouldn't you like to know
Number of things going right: One

days of rain in the life of Joshua: Way too many...

monsoon season in Cali?!?!

yeah so this mother fucking day that I had just keeps getting better and ooh so much better. I had a nice lil post about me day and computer. Just another day in the life of Josh. Well IE crashed before I could post it.


It's not looking good for the home team...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

happens every time

So I'm driving to work and I think of the right thing that's going on in my life to blog about. Then by the time I get home *poof* I got no idea what it was. So I could've just not posted anything at all. But I try to at least post a lil something something for all of my one readers. (and what a great reader you are).

Well anyways nothing really happened this weekend. I'm trying to get the info on a 1967 El Camino witha 396 big block. That would be fun to drive. But two weeks have passes and I still got nothing but the color of the truck.

Ok, so I e-mailed that chick again. I dont know why, just felt like something to do. I bet she doesn't reply to it. That's a bummer. Can't win them all right. So I guess the worste thing she does is call me a stalker and delete the e-mail, I guess that's her loss...right?

You could always ask if I'd want to know someone who just pushes me aside like that so easily. The answer is: for this one, yes. I don't even know why just something about her. I guess maybe because of the way it ended, it just bugs me. Maybe because she thinks I'm something I'm not. Maybe if....Maybe if...maybe if.

I hope I'm not put into the stalker group, I got too many friends, well a few at least, that deal with guys like that. I can't remember the last time I called her, and when I did I just got voice mail. I didn't call 5 times in one day, or even the next week. I just didn't delete her e-mail addy or number from my cell. Hell I even texted her a "happy thanksgiving" the other day to her. And to go with everything else, I didn't get anything back.

Maybe it's just a game now. But that can't be, 'cause that'd be bad. It shouldn't be a game, thought, I guess to some point they all are. lol...maybe a game of finders keepers. Oh well, what's a simple guy like me to do?

ahh...I know what. I'll just end this here. Gee golly I hope I didn't misspell anything, 'cuase I sure don't feel like doing a spell check on this.

Good night y'all.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Think I know...

I think I know just what my problem in life is. Maybe anyways. Maybe I'm just sick of being single, I mean it does get old after awhile. Maybe with all the shit that has happened in my life it would be nice if there was just someone there to spend time with. Someone to kick back and watch a movie with. And no a cat doesn't count. Friends are great, however, it's just not the same. Bleh, oh well. Life goes on....One way or another.

I want to move

I hate This town. I hate living here. I hate this house.

So much hate from one lil person, I know. I just want to be on my own again. Just nothing good has come from living here. At least nothing that I can think of. Things don't work in this house, and they don't get fixed.

I just want to live on my own, well with a roomie. I still don't even have my own car. I just need to get out...

oh yeah, happy Thanksgiving everybody...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Living in the past

Why to people spend time wondering what one should've, would've, or could've done different?

I know it's good to know history, 'cause if you don't you're bound to relive it. I guess, sometimes that's not always bad. But I know that I've lived a few moments in my past that I could do just fine not re living again. That I'd be just fine if I don't ask my self any of those questions. I, however, do ask them. As I was on my way to long of a drive home tonight.

I guess it would be kinda neat to be able to go back and make some changes. Though, that would end up changing who I am today. I am me. Sure I got somethings I want to change, who doesn't. I'll just have to deal with it and move on with my life.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


So here I am using the family computer, because mine died about a month and a half ago. I think I should be able to get it shipped off by the end of the week. So I'll still have a good 3 weeks of down time to have fun with.

I'm hungry, tired, very tired, with a side of depressed thrown in there for good fun. All around just a sucky mood. At least I have some fun at work.

I still don't know what's going to happen with my truck. Who's going to pay it off. How much, if any, they'll want from me. You know all that good stuff to have to worry about. That's why I like work, I just have to worry about getting my job done and doing it right. That's something that I'm good at doing.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

car search

I have come to hate looking for used cars. I find one that looks good, and I go "ohh I like the looks of that". Then I always seem to find a reason not to like it. I guess it's better that way. I don't want to be stuck with something I don't like. I've looked at so many cars I'm about to go insane. well I dont know. I found one I'd like to take a look at but it's a 3 and a half hour drive one way. So, again, who knows...

haven't felt like it

I don't know why I haven't really been posting much. I do have the time. I guess just nothing has really been going on. Or maybe I only blog when I got something to rant and rave about, case-n-point my eggs. I've been drinknig some pepsi, you don't see me posting anything about that now do ya. So yeah. Maybe I just pasted my blogging peak, I guess that would suck.

I just hope that one day I can look back on this, as long as this is still here. and laugh about what I've been through. I'm a firm believer that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and with what I've gone though...yeah.

Well it looks like I'm going to go out tonight, nothing to go woohoo about. Just a drink and hang out. ha! I guess I should take a shower here soon. That should wake me up. Holy cow I just post what ever the hell pops on my mind don't I. eh, what ever. It's my blog with my thoughts so it works. what other reason would I have to blog if I didn't blog what was on my mind.

I guess that would go and show that I dont have much on my mind right now. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I do like having a simple life, I think most people do. It's just sometimes I think my life is too simple. It just gets to the point where it isn't any fun any more.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Pay Day

YaY today I get paid.

THat is all. :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Busy week, kinda.

Ok, so it's been a few days since I blogged anything.

Well like y'all know my truck got stolen, that really sucked. I got this bad feeling that I'm going to be left stuck paying it off. Ha! Like that;s going to happen.

Well last Sunday I went for a drive. Holy cow was it a good ol' time. About 105 miles total. I got to drive the car, it was in the mountains...Just a blast. Great weather. I took the targa top off. There were about 50 cars that went on this drive. Oh man, just fun and I was due for some much needed fun too. I'll try and post some pics later. I just wanted to put something down first.

After the drive we had a BBQ where even more people came out. I got to meet some new people. Look at some kick ass, and not so kick ass, cars. Got out of the house for the day.

Just plain ol' fun.

The next mountain run is going to be almost twice as far. That'll be some good times.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Rain Rain go away, come again another day.

So lets take a look at what all happened to me in the past two years. Most of this I don't think you'll understand, because I'm just going to put dates.

  1. 07/Feb/2004 -- the start
  2. 27/Oct/2004 -- an end (there are soo many ends)
  3. 28/Oct/2004 -- hey a new start (not always a good thing)
  4. 28/Mar/2004 - 06/Feb/2005
  5. 29/Mar/2004 -- Got out of the military
  6. Wasting my time some some silly girl (not really that big of a deal, bummer none the less)
  7. Oct/2005 My computer died
  8. 1/Nov/2005 -- My truck was stolen

I'm sure there's more to this list. I'll add to it later, I'm tired right now and can't really think of everything.

I think my life had been shitted on enough. I think it's about time that some good things happen for me. Though, I have thought this before and something always finds a way to shoot me down. It happens so much I can almost bet on it.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just a little something something

Ok so here goes. I havn't been writing much, buecause I've had a lot on my mind. most of the time when that happens I just blog something and get over it. This is more so. So manybe in the up coming days I'll let ya in on what's on my mind.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

No way out

What do you do when you are so far down you you can't even see the top of the whole anymore. Just a little pin dot of where the whole should be. Oh but don't worry, you got your health. That will cary you far, right?

I think my life had taken more turns for the worst in the last two years then anything. It seems that everything I get to get going, something has to knock me back off the ladder. I start thinking "gee golly life is great" and a I get kicked out of the military. I start think "well I like the sound of this job, maybe this can work out..." and my truck get stolen.

At least I got some friends. Not many, but who needs a bunch of friends. I only got a few close friends and I guess that's all I need.

Kinda makes me wonder if I'm just going to blow up some day if I keep this all to myself. Or maybe typing helps. I guess we'll find out if I blow up or not.

yeah, if there's slepping errors in this...get over it.


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