Sunday, December 30, 2007

1450 Miles later

I did soooo much driving this past week. Well if you think about it I really only did the most of the driving on three days.

I left Long Beach, CA and headed off for Las Vegas, NV early Saturday morning. I left the apartment a little after 5am and got to Vegas with out much trouble. The only person there in Vegas is my mom. My brother, his family, my dad, and youngest brother were over at my Grandmama's. Well, by brother and his family were spending Christmas Eve with his In-laws.

Well, on the day after Christmas I left Vegas and headed up to my Grandmama's (central California) only the main highway that goes through the mountains and into the Central Valley was closed because of "extreme winds." Well that's a huge bitch! The only other ways that I knew about added at least 200 miles to the trip. The good thing is that I had my lil GPS dealy with me. I left Vegas about 11am, I wanted to leave earlier it just didn't work out. I ended up having to trun around 3 times because of road closers. Two times because of the extreme winds and the last because of the Red and blue lights on top of the CHP car. That last one made me back track about 20 miles. This is 20 miles in mountain roads, that I was soon to find out had some black ice on them. That wasted about 40 minutes of driving.

Good news is that I did make it to my Grandmama's house. It took me 10 hours of driving. The Day before this (on Christmas day) my brother, and everyone else, made the drive from my Grandmama's to Las Vegas in 5 and a half hours.

Yesterday I left My Grandmama's to come back to Long Beach. I left her house a little after 10am. Now this time I planned on taking the long way as I am tired of always going over the grapevine. So I ended up taking Highway 58 west (I know most if not all of y'all don't know it). Highway 58 East would take me back to Vegas, it was the highway that was closed while driving back from Vegas. Well I made a map so you could just look at what I did. The route in red is the route that I took. As you can see, it's the long way. The whole trip was over 400 miles. If I would have taken the short route it is about 250 miles. The part there in light blue is what I was going to plan on taking, but it was dark and I was tired of driving so I just stuck to the main freeways.

And now some pictures, well all that I took, of my drive back. Most of them are views from Highway 58. The pictures from along the coast were taken while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway. Yes, by the time I made it back to my apartment I had drivin just about 1450 miles.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

i guess

i guess i am a talkive drinker. i just want someone to talk to. hummm


i'm bored!

i am such a neard

here i am bored as hell at my grandmama's drinking vodka and fruit punch. i think i have a faster internet connection on my cell phone. it is kind of nice to sit here while watching tv.

y'all might think that i'm kind of crazy for typing all this from a cellphone. and i might just be, but my cellphone has full (though small) keyboard so it isn't that bad.

road trip!

tomorrow i am going to leave parlier,ca and head back to long beach, ca. i'm going to take a nice roah trip (hints the title) down the pacific coast highway.

sure it's just going to take me 9 years, but it should be a good little trip.

if i see anything neat i'll be sure to stop and take a picture or two.

fruit punch

and more vodka!

Friday, December 28, 2007

food stamps

so i took one day off and i end up getting a week and half off. so that's great only that's week and half with no pay.

i ended up taking a frind of mine out last night. it was great fun. we even baked a cake and had a few drinks. dinner was great and cost a lot more than i wanted. we had japanese food, that deal where they cook in front of you. i had steak and shrimp. mmmm it was good.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

friends with benifits

Humm I think that's what I want for Christmas. Any takers ;)

Merry Christmas y'all!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Me and my dumb family

So today is Christmas eve. It is still just my mom and me here. I guess the rest of the family is not going to be here until sometime late tomorrow afternoon. I know what my brother is up to, he is with his wife's family. I don't have any idea what my youngest brother and my dad are up to.

So I wonder why I don't have that Christmas feeling. Blah!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

So it's Christmas time

I'm not really feeling it. Sure I got the week off. It's also a week with no pay. I don't know, I just don't feel it. It's just my mom and me at my Brother's house.

ok so after a few Vodka and Fruit punches later. I think it's time that I just post this before I forget.

I spent tonight watching VH1s top 100 songs of the 90s. fun times.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm in Vegas and chillin in my PJs

Yup. I am in Las Vegas on a Saturday night and I am just chillin at my brother's place in my PJs. Before coming here I had planned on going out to the same strip club. Having my tire slashed Thursday night didn't help anything. That cost $100 for the new tire.

I also ended buying me a Christmas gift to me from me. I ended up getting me a new paintball gun. I got a Tippmann A-5. That wasn't cheap. I wanted it, so I got it. It's a good gun and will last a long time. So I think it was money well spent.

Friday, December 21, 2007

wiskey thursday

is a lot of fun.

hangover friday is not so much.

oh hangover friday when some asshole slashed your tire and keyed your car. also isn't that much fun.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I don't know how I do it.

Some of y'all might remember, most likely not. About this communist that I blogged about before. Well one of my old co-workers that I used to work with :)

I still text message her. Heck I'm even setting up lunch dates if I do make it back up there. She has got to be one of the most beautiful females that I've ever worked with. I'll put her with a good tie with he lil lady that I got for a co-worker now.

So yeah. That's all I got for now.

i feel happy

ok so i put some (just a little) thought in the way i look today. you know black socks with black pants kind of deal. i also stopped and got some doughnuts on the way to work. well i needed coffee too.

i guess i am just in a good mood today. only don't really know who i can molest with text messages. so i'll just send one to blogger.

In case you wanted to know

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Ha! I had to take a test for this!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Humm how about some good news

So this weekend was good.

Friday (I know friday isn't the weekend yet, deal with it :P ) started off with a little Christmas party after work. well we closed down shop early to go to my boss's house. They had a jumper! It was fun. There were some drinks there, some adult others not. I was drinking pepsi and water, well not at the same time people...

Had tacos for dinner there, it was good times.

Friday night I had some drinks back at my apartment. Talked about going down and doing some paintball. Fuck....spent way too much time with this blog just here.

call of duty 4
xbox 360

Ok, I'm going to post it.


So fucking bored.

Well I just got back to the apartment from work. Nothing to do. I guess I could put on a movie or something. I just want to interact with other people. Just not my roommates. Hell, not most people.

Good stuff that I have tomorrow off. No work or school tomorrow. YaY =) Also half my roommates are gone. That is always a plus!

Well I'm going to watch The Hudsucker Proxy

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fuck Family

Fuck them all. I don't even know how I can put into words what is going on. It isn't my immediate family so much as it is my Mom's sister and her family. I guess my sister-in-law's family too.

My Aunt's daughter is renter the house from us at below market value. Then had $100 taken off of the rent to keep an eye on the pets that we had there. From what I could remember we had 3 small dogs, 4 cats, and however many kittens.

There are now 3.

Two of the adult cats have been seen, they've been out more so I guess they know how to fend for them self, and one dog.

So yeah my dislike for family has a lot of reason behind it. I really can't wait 'til I am on my own.

p.s. Her rent goes up $200 on the first and will go up again until it reaches market value.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

You can quote me on this.

"I like sour patch kids the best, it's like I'm eating little people" -- Chucky

130 minutes

That is how much time I spent in the water today. Everyone needed 400 minutes by the end of today.

I was soooooo bored. I couldn't see anything. I didn't have anything to do. I was just walking around running into stuff. The first 80 minutes I was starting to get cold and real bored. I wasn't having much fun at all. For some reason water would come in the hat up to about my chin. So I'd get most of that water out and a few minutes later it would be back.

I am done with school for the year! YaY!

I go back Jan 4th.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

dress for work

ok so i know how to dress the part of a hard working (Ha!) office employee. button up shit, black pants, black shoes, oh and white ankle socks.

i am sooooooooo awesome!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No Regrets

I would like to live my life with no regrets. In fact I think most people would agree with me on that. There are some key point in my life that I can remember just like the day they happened. Some of them are more then just days. They are more like a chapter in the Book of Josh.

They, of course, make me who I am today. When you look at it that way I guess there really isn't anything wrong with that. This brings to mind something that I tell people when they say something like, "I wish I didn't remember (when something bad in their life happened). " That's when I have to remind them that there is no point in having good memories if you got nothing to base them off of. If you didn't have the bad to go with the good it would make the good memories just like everything else (ie: knowing your address or what shoe goes on what foot). That would be no fun at all.

Monday, December 10, 2007

silly or not so silly

Ok. So I started this wanting to blog about a silly, well not so silly, girl. But no one wants to read about that? ;)

My guess is most of you. To bad! I ain't gonna. I'm just going to blog about .... nothingness. Maybe about how my alarm is going to go off at 4:40am or how I only got 2 more days of class this year. I love the sound of that. Then I could work full time for a week or two, but again what fun would that be? It's my break from school and I'm going to take it. I got no plans on working any harder than I have to while going to school. Now after school I know that's going to be a different story.

Over the weekend I also got me a new keyboard. Well I got two different ones. I started off with the Logitech wireless bluetooth combo. Only problem is that I couldn't get the right mouse button to work and my keyboard would just start working sometimes. So that wasn't going to fly well with me. I also really didn't like the software drivers that came with it. Sure it did tell me what the room temp was, big deal. So I took it back to best buy.

I went back and picked up the first one I was looking at. Sure it cost more. Hell, it cost a lot for a keyboard and mouse. The thing is I like it better so far. It is real nice having a wireless keyboard while I just have it sitting on my lap. If I used a desk, I'm sure it would be a different story. Now I am using the Microsoft keyboard 7000. Like i said, I like it.

I guess I should get going to bed soon. Going to fill up my water for class tomorrow after this.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

brain dump

Pictures, they are a good thing. Right now I don't know. I guess I got a lot on my mind, but i don't know what I want to blog about. i just don't know. most of the time I don't have a problem typing a lil blog. Right now seems to be a different story.

Well anyways here are the pictures from last night.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Home is?

Where is home?

1.a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.
2.the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.
So, by that meaning I live at home. But I wouldn't say that it feels like home to me. It is just a place that I'm staying at.

Is it the place that you spent most of your life growing up?
--We don't own that house any more.

Is it the house that your family lived in before you went into the military?
--I only lived in that house for a year before the military and a year and half after.

Is it that apartment I live at now?
--I guess the closest thing, but living with 7 other people is not my idea of home.

Is it where my mom lives?
--Nope, that would be by brother's (and his family's) house.

Where my dad lives?
--That's my grandmama's house, or where ever he stays. (I don't know what he would call home, my guess would be his mom's house)

So maybe I'll just be "home less" 'til I get my own place.

When I go "home" for Christmas, just where an I going to go?
-- I got no idea.

Home is where you make it
I found it! Home is a key on my keyboard =)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So my crazy friend likes to skydiving. Somehow we started talking about it the other night. So then she asked if I'd go. Well yeah I said. 'Cause I guess I'm crazy or something. I also thought about how awesome of a myspace picture it would be. I guess I'm just a nerd like that.

Well I don't know. I got some other thoughts going around and round. Maybe I will type them out later. Who knows...

Damn over 600 posts!

I just looked, this is my 603rd post!


That is all.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

in the next five years

sometime in the next 5 years i think i want to buy a house. a lot can happen in 5 years.

laundry mat

i can't wait until i don't have to come here any more. i would love to have my own washer and dryer hook ups. someday.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Friends is great.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we had more. Sometimes. I did ask her out 5 or 6 years ago. back when I was young and dumb...though it seems I am still dumb at times. Things didn't work out. We are both different people now. Sometimes I just wonder what if...

We've become the best of friends over the years. She even called me up after her not so good date tonight. The last thing I want to do is mess up the friendship. She is a great person and I love what we have.

I guess its just me...


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