Friday, September 26, 2008

Yeah I got books

Today I did a little shopping. Well before that I was also awake for 30ish hours. Geez.

So anyways. I first went looking for some new work boots. I don't really need a new pair yet, I just wanted a chance to break them in before I needed them. I'll also like to have them so I got two pairs of water proof boots to take with me offshore.

If I end up on the barge again, I need more books to read. So I got me 4 books. Oh oh oh!!! Good story here. So, since I been awake for all this time I thought I would be a good idea to get me a carmel macchiato for where else but Starbucks. I haven't had one in awhile and this one was good. The worst thing to do when going to a book store is to have no idea what you want to read. I'm not the biggest reader so I'm not too sure what I would really like to read.

I walked around the damn store for 2 hours before finding some books that looked good. I didn't just want to buy one book. I wanted a group of 3 or 4 books. Well I found one that looks good and has 5 books, I just got the first 3. Then I just happened to think of The Iliad. A book that well lets just say I didn't read it in high school. ;)

Then I happened to see some Dante. Now, I have never read any Dante, I just know the books have been around awhile (about 650 years). I must have spend another hour just looking at different translations. It took some time to find what I really wanted. So far I'm happy with my choice.

Here are the books I got:

My library

I hope I have some good books. I think I'll start off with some Dante.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Work called

And I didn't answer!

They didn't leave a message.

Guess it wasn't that important.

what the heck are they calling at 8:30am for. Geez :P

I kind of want to know what they were calling for, but not enough to have answered the call.


I hate when I can't sleep. I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night. I guess it takes me a night or two to get used to sleeping in my room again. I guess I just need to rant some. Geez I know I'm getting tired, I'm making some lamo typos that I keep having to go back and fix.

It also bums me out that I need to pay off my school loans and still buy about $10,000 worth of gear for work. Sure I make good money in this job, but it cost a lot too.

Ok I think I just gave up on sleep. At least for right now. I'll just stay up for the long haul then sleep good tonight. I'm even making some coffee. In a few hours I'll go to the store and check out some boots. I might buy some...maybe not. I want to buy a pair now so I can break them in. That way I can have two pairs of work boots ready.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

5:30 in the morning

And I just got back to my apartment.

not bad after 12 hours of travel. Getting sea sick. Throwing up. feeling better.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


that one of cal dive's boat up on land.

waffle house

ahh the best thing in the south. 2:30am on my way to work. best $5 i spent.

Monday, September 15, 2008

odd sleeping hours

All this not working junk is giving me some real odd sleeping hours. I boarded up the one window in my room. Now very little light comes in. The fact that I didn't wake up 'til 4:30ish pm doesn't help any. So now it is 7:30am. When will I go to sleep... no body knows.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pictures of what I do

There you go. Just click on the link and take a look around.

I think I need to get out

or go back to work.

I feel like I've been out of work for a week. Hum. When did I get back? ah I don't remember. Hum. I know I went to K-mart the other day. Lets see what else is new. la la la. Yeah, I need to get laid or go back to work. Yup. that's it. Oh how I love Family Guy. humm. Ok I need to take a shower.

Friday, September 12, 2008


So I kinda want to cook. Only thing is that I'm just cooking for me. No biggie right? Only down side that it cost more for me to get the junk and cook than it does to just go out and eat fast food. How crappy is that.

Stupid stupid stupid.

One of these days

I guess one of these days I should find me a cute lil southern bell.

one of these days...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family guy

Such a great cartoon!

I love it. Even the reruns!

In case you don't know.

Girls = Still Silly.

Nuf' said.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Fire Museum of Memphis

I drive the fire truck!

Well after checking out of the hotel on Wednesday at noon time I headed down to the museum. I thought I should do something other than looking at boobies on my lil trip. I got in for free 'cause I was a refugee. Finding a place to park was a bitch, but after driving around the block a few times I found the way.

Over all I spent a lot of money, but I had some fun too. I just don't want to drive anymore. I really need to get XM radio for my car.

States I've been in

visited 17 states (33%)

I'm even counting the states that I've just driven through.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Mmmmmm Pot!

Lots of pot! and pans....

Mmmm Chicken
Still hot!

Ok so I wanted to post this before I went off shore this last time, but I'm lazy.

So here it is. It was good. In fact I still have some left over if anyone wants some...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What can I say?

Strippers love me :P

Ok, some are just total bitches others not so much.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Strippers 101

Just say No.

Or say yes and spend a lot of money.

I had fun. Ok I did come back smelling like a....well....stripper. Ohnoes!

I am thinking of going back tonight. We'll see. I just might.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Some girls...

Most of the time when I blog about girls it is just the silly ones. This one takes the cake though.

I've known this one for a long time now. We'll call her...Erin. I went to see her a few weeks ago. Hung out had a good time, I spent way too much money, and then came back. Now this storm comes up and I start thinking of places to go. I tell her about the storm and that I was thinking about leaving town. She tells me that she is only a phone call away. Now, if I did go there my room would be a lot cheaper than staying here.

Well I also have a friend in GA that I wouldn't mind hanging out with. When I told her that I was thinking of going to GA she asked why. I said I have a buddy that I wanted to see over there. I like using words like "buddy" or "friend" 'cause they don't say anything about gender and that just leaves them to guess and wonder.

While talking to Erin latter that night she thought that she knew all of what I was going to GA to do. Erin thought for sure that I was going to see some girl. That I went to see her a few weeks ago that I want to see a new girl this week (how true that part is :P ). Erin then went to say something like this, "I'm not stupid, I know your going to go see some other girl." I could not tell her how wrongs he was. So I didn't :P

Ok people I got a buddy who lives in GA. He has a wife and 3 kids. I just wanted to go and drink a few beers with him. Hang out in Atlanta and go to some boobie bars there. That was it. lol not "to see some girl" well only the ones with boobies in my face!

Now I'm in Memphis. Not seeing anyone. Just wanted to go on a little trip. So I texted Erin tonight. saying "woohoo Fresno State won. Going to a boobie bar tonight"
Erin: "lol, I was watching the game too)
me: "cool"
Erin: "Who u going to strip club with"
Me: "Umm no one"
Erin: "A girl lol"

I felt like calling her an idiot or something, but I just haven't replied and I'll let her think that I'm out with some chick. How wrong she is.

I just wish I had all the girls she thinks I have.

Life as a Refugee

Well I made it up to Memphis, TN yesterday.

1:00 am -- Left my apartment
2:00 pm -- Checked into the hotel room.

The first 200 miles took just about 6 hours. It wasn't to bad until I got on the I-55 north. Then it was just stopped. I got on the 55 at 2:30ish and when the sun came up it was. I never seen so many cars on the road at one time.

I also got a few minutes of nap, if you can even call it that.

By the time I got to sleep, some time after 8 o'clock, I have been awake for more than 24 hours.

When I got to Memphis I going one of those books at the visitors center I got one of those books that have a list of all the hotels in it. Out of the 17 hotels that I called only 2 had rooms. I was happy when I found the first one I looked at the listing and it was listed at a budget hotel. Humm. The place was in downtown Memphis, so I thought that even if it wasn't that good that I'd still be able to walk to a place. Well it's in old downtown, not the new and hip part. The first thought I had was "woah." It was just a total dive of a "budget" motel. When I pulled in to park, I was asked if I was parking or staying by some kid. I said I was just going to park for a few minutes. Then he said that he was going to need $5 from me. I told him to go fuck him self and that I was going to leave (ok I didn't really say it like that). Then a little older kid asked me if I was going to stay at the motel. I said yes. He said that I didn't have to pay then.

So after I parked there the first thing I did was start calling for another place to stay. I wasn't going to come all the way out here and then stay in a dive. I started making more phone calls. After calling 5 or 6 other places I got this one. It's not bad. The place is right on the University of Memphis campus. In fact I had a hard time finding it, it looks like all the other building on campus.

Yesterday I had three things on my list that needed to get one.

1) Food
1) Beer
1) Sleep

I had no clue who to put them in order, so I had to make them all number 1s. I ended up eating at UBess. It was good, I just never thought I'd be the only person (other than staff) in a resturant at 5:30ish. Today I went to Huey's and had an awesome hamburger. It was great. Only they didn't have the sound on for the football game. So yeah had to get back to my room and watch Fresno State win!!!!!

p.s. I just LOVE this city ;)


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