Friday, September 05, 2008

Fire Museum of Memphis

I drive the fire truck!

Well after checking out of the hotel on Wednesday at noon time I headed down to the museum. I thought I should do something other than looking at boobies on my lil trip. I got in for free 'cause I was a refugee. Finding a place to park was a bitch, but after driving around the block a few times I found the way.

Over all I spent a lot of money, but I had some fun too. I just don't want to drive anymore. I really need to get XM radio for my car.


katie said...

very cool pics, Joshua! glad you got to see something besides just boobies! haha. :)

you have been to many states i see. admit it, you loved georgia the most, now didn't ya? :)

have a super saturday!

The Lone Beader said...

Cool museum! You know I love fire trucks! :D

captain corky said...

Firetrucks or cool when there are no boobies to look at.


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