Monday, September 01, 2008

Some girls...

Most of the time when I blog about girls it is just the silly ones. This one takes the cake though.

I've known this one for a long time now. We'll call her...Erin. I went to see her a few weeks ago. Hung out had a good time, I spent way too much money, and then came back. Now this storm comes up and I start thinking of places to go. I tell her about the storm and that I was thinking about leaving town. She tells me that she is only a phone call away. Now, if I did go there my room would be a lot cheaper than staying here.

Well I also have a friend in GA that I wouldn't mind hanging out with. When I told her that I was thinking of going to GA she asked why. I said I have a buddy that I wanted to see over there. I like using words like "buddy" or "friend" 'cause they don't say anything about gender and that just leaves them to guess and wonder.

While talking to Erin latter that night she thought that she knew all of what I was going to GA to do. Erin thought for sure that I was going to see some girl. That I went to see her a few weeks ago that I want to see a new girl this week (how true that part is :P ). Erin then went to say something like this, "I'm not stupid, I know your going to go see some other girl." I could not tell her how wrongs he was. So I didn't :P

Ok people I got a buddy who lives in GA. He has a wife and 3 kids. I just wanted to go and drink a few beers with him. Hang out in Atlanta and go to some boobie bars there. That was it. lol not "to see some girl" well only the ones with boobies in my face!

Now I'm in Memphis. Not seeing anyone. Just wanted to go on a little trip. So I texted Erin tonight. saying "woohoo Fresno State won. Going to a boobie bar tonight"
Erin: "lol, I was watching the game too)
me: "cool"
Erin: "Who u going to strip club with"
Me: "Umm no one"
Erin: "A girl lol"

I felt like calling her an idiot or something, but I just haven't replied and I'll let her think that I'm out with some chick. How wrong she is.

I just wish I had all the girls she thinks I have.

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The Lone Beader said...

Girls will be girls! :o


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