Friday, September 26, 2008

Yeah I got books

Today I did a little shopping. Well before that I was also awake for 30ish hours. Geez.

So anyways. I first went looking for some new work boots. I don't really need a new pair yet, I just wanted a chance to break them in before I needed them. I'll also like to have them so I got two pairs of water proof boots to take with me offshore.

If I end up on the barge again, I need more books to read. So I got me 4 books. Oh oh oh!!! Good story here. So, since I been awake for all this time I thought I would be a good idea to get me a carmel macchiato for where else but Starbucks. I haven't had one in awhile and this one was good. The worst thing to do when going to a book store is to have no idea what you want to read. I'm not the biggest reader so I'm not too sure what I would really like to read.

I walked around the damn store for 2 hours before finding some books that looked good. I didn't just want to buy one book. I wanted a group of 3 or 4 books. Well I found one that looks good and has 5 books, I just got the first 3. Then I just happened to think of The Iliad. A book that well lets just say I didn't read it in high school. ;)

Then I happened to see some Dante. Now, I have never read any Dante, I just know the books have been around awhile (about 650 years). I must have spend another hour just looking at different translations. It took some time to find what I really wanted. So far I'm happy with my choice.

Here are the books I got:

My library

I hope I have some good books. I think I'll start off with some Dante.


The Lone Beader said...

I have never read any of those books! I hope you'll post what you think of them when you finish!
I also like your Google Library! I should get me one of those! :D

Anonymous said...

As a teacher i am so proud of your book buying and reading interests, my dear Joshua!

have a great week! :)


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