Monday, September 15, 2008

odd sleeping hours

All this not working junk is giving me some real odd sleeping hours. I boarded up the one window in my room. Now very little light comes in. The fact that I didn't wake up 'til 4:30ish pm doesn't help any. So now it is 7:30am. When will I go to sleep... no body knows.



Tori said...

I vote that you just skip sleep for a day and get back on track... how on earth did you let it get so bad? Are you ever going to wake up and talk to me today? Or, you could just sleep until tomorrow morning ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

So that's all you did in Memphis then? Strip club and Fire Museum??

Why didn't you e-mail me? I could've told you some cool things to do.

BTW: Which strip club did you go to??


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