Monday, October 31, 2005

This is a story about a girl

Well how do I put into words what is bugging me? I guess I'll just do like I always do and just start typing. Maybe I'll look back on this some day and laugh. Who knows?

Well I guess I should start off with the history. And I'm going all the way back on this history too. I aint got anything else to do...

So the year is 1999 I think. I was a Jr. In high school. Well in the middle of the year my parents ended up moving about 45 miles away. And knowing just how much fun it would be to change schools in the middle of my Jr. Year. I moved in with my Grandmama (well so did my brother, who was also in high school). Well anyways, I was coming up to my parents on the weekends and what-not. I kept doing this even while going to college down there. I didn't live here (where I'm at now till I stopped going to college, till I went in to the military). I started takling to this chick on ICQ I think I twas somewhere around 2000. She ended up living in the same town as my parents, hell only a few miles away.

Then sometime before I went into the Air Force, we stopped talking. Well she stopped coming online for what ever the reason was. Bummer.

I do my three years in North Caroline. Throughout this time I don't hear anything of her, but the though is in the back of my mind. She was just an easy person to talk to.

Well I move back to cali in March '05. Sometime around mid July I came home from work and I had an ICQ message with someone wanting me to add them. Well I clicked "ok" and *poof* there was this person added to my list. But wait...Who the hell did I just add, I forgot to click on the "view info" button thingy. So I looked through out my list and I seen this new contact that has the same screen name as the chick I talked to years ago. No way, can this be for real.

It turns out that after all this time she still thought about some the the times we've talked and what not. Well damn, go me.

So we've talked about the past. What she's been up to, what I've been up to. All that good stuff. We ended up working out a day that worked for both of us, to meet up and eat lunch at this little Italian restaurant. First time we've ever met up. WooHoo go us.

So we sat there, chatted some talk. Eat most of our food, and got some Togo boxes. Then she asks what should we do next. I came up with the great idea of getting ice cream. We left and went to get some ice cream at the only place we knew of in town. It wasn't that bad, only about 2 miles from where I live now.

Well I end up goin to her parents house after the ice cream. She doesn't live there any more, she was just coming up to see them. So I thought to my self, I must be doing something right. So we just hung out watched some movies and TV. It was just an easy going time.

She as we were leaving, she said that we needed to do this sometime again. I went hell yeah we do, I had a great time today.

Well she called me later that night, on her way home. We talked some more. And we talked and talked, so she didn't fall asleep driving...That would've been bad.

Blah...Getting tired of this story...

Sometime the next week I sent her an e-mail asking if she wanted to get together that coming weekend. (ya ya..I sent an e-mail cause it was 5:30am or something like that before I went to work and I knew she checked her e-mail from work from time to time).

Well she was busy, she had season baseball tickets and there was a game everynight that weekend. I think it was the last games of the season too.

Well...That was the last I heard from her.

I called, YaY got voice mail (she'll call back)....NOPE.
humm...I'll send an e-mail. (she'll reply)....NOPE.
well humm now doesn't this suck.
so yeah I think there's one or two more e-mails over a few weeks, 'cause I'm trying not to be a stalker, that she didn't reply to.

So that brings us to today. I so felt like just calling out of the blue. I guess you could say I'm betting that one of these times she'll answer her phone. In the end, I thought I would just write this. Maybe it would take my mind off of this.

I guess it all started again last night. When I was seeing if any of my e-mail contacts use myspace. Well, I found out she did have one. Not much on it, but she had an account. With some friends, but the kicker was her pic...She's just so good looking, so smart. It's just everything. I was just awwstruck (or how ever you'd spell that) by her. Well I guess in the end it doesn't matter, cause I'm such a bad person for what ever reason may be that I'm not worth answering the phone for. Hell, even a reply of "fuck off you goat fucker" would at least get a point across that she doesn't want to talk to me. BTW: no, I am not a goat fucker.

So yeah, I don't know what I want from this post. Hell, what would she think if she read this. I'm sure if she looked she could find a link to my blog. I tried to be honest from the start, I did. But what ever.

It's just funny how she could look me up after almost 4 years. Both of us single. Then I don't hear from her anymore. Something just doesn't click.

(if you made it this far, go you. I think I posted more than I really needed to, but oh well. It's just me. I can't change who and am and I don't want to if I could.)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A lil about me

Name:Joshua B
Birthday:June 24 1982
Birthplace:fresno, CA
Current Location:Madera, CA
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Right Handed or Left Handed:right
Your Heritage:Human
The Shoes You Wore Today:Sandles
Your Weakness:kryptonite (just kidding)
Your Fears:Monsters under my bed
Your Perfect Pizza:pepperoni
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:Lowering my truck
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:Gee Golly
Thoughts First Waking Up:push the snooz button
Your Best Physical Feature:My hair
Your Bedtime:when the sun comes up
Your Most Missed Memory:I'll have to think about that
Pepsi or Coke:Pepsi all the way (Wild cherry pepsi and vodka even better )
MacDonalds or Burger King:none
Single or Group Dates:Single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:eh, both
Chocolate or Vanilla:Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee:cappuccino
Do you Smoke:nope, never
Do you Swear:Fuck yeah, well ok maybe
Do you Sing:only in the shower
Do you Shower Daily:nope...some times I end up takin' a bath ;)
Have you Been in Love:I thougth so
Do you want to go to College:yes
Do you want to get Married:yes
Do you belive in yourself:If I didn't who would?
Do you get Motion Sickness:not really
Do you think you are Attractive:sure
Are you a Health Freak:not really
Do you get along with your Parents:yup
Do you like Thunderstorms:oh yeah
Do you play an Instrument:I did (all jokes aside)
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:yes
In the past month have you Smoked:nope
In the past month have you been on Drugs:nope...well vicodin for a broken wrist
In the past month have you gone on a Date:nope
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:nope
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:Oreos no, working on a box of Ritz though
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:no way
In the past month have you been on Stage:nope
In the past month have you been Dumped:nope
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:nope
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:nope
Ever been Drunk:maybe one or two times ;)
Ever been called a Tease:well, yeah
Ever been Beaten up:nope
Ever Shoplifted:nope
How do you want to Die:living life
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:well first I'd need to grow up. A civil Engineer
What country would you most like to Visit:Germany (again)
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:Blue or green
Favourite Hair Color:redheads rock
Short or Long Hair:long
Height:Doesn't matter
Weight:well less than 300 pounds is a good start
Best Clothing Style:no clothes is good ;) (it doesn't really matter)
Number of Drugs I have taken:Just the ones the Doc gave me
Number of CDs I own:20
Number of Piercings:none
Number of Tattoos:none
Number of things in my Past I Regret:none

I got a Jay-Oh-bee

Yeah, like the title says I got a job...woohoo.

It all started with a phone call Friday morning. I got the call around 10:30am, I thought it was just my alarm going off (yes, I was still asleep). So, the call ends up going to my voice mail, and I checked it a few min. Later.

The call ended up coming from a temp agency in the other town, asking me if I was still looking for work. I was. He asked if I had a resume I could get him. I did. I e-mailed the resume about 10 minutes later, then about 10 minutes after that he called me back. He set me up with an interview at 2pm, so I had just over 3 hours to get there and be ready.

The place is about 35miles away, thankfully it's 90% freeway. Good thing I left early, 'cause it wasn't the easiest place to find. Well, it's really easy to get there now that I know where it is.

The interview went really good. I dress for an interview. If I was a chick I would've wanted to do me ;) . I answered all the questions he had about me very well. I said I was great working as a part of a team, great working by my self, took pride in my work and my ability to do good work.

I ended up forgetting my cell phone here at home, go me. It took me about 30 min to get home, and I just missed the phone call from the temp guy calling me back to tell me how it went. When I got to talk to him on the phone he told me I had the job.


I start Monday at 7. Right now they do on avg. 47 hours a week, not to bad. I am also doing about 10 hours of school a week. All-in-all that's almost 60 hows a week, hell if you add in driving time it's over. That's insane for me. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll have to leave the house around 5:15am, get to work about 5:45am, work till 4:00pm, class at 6:00pm (not enough time to come home before class), out of class about 10:45pm, and I get home around 11pm. That makes for one really long day. Then to start all over the next morning at 6am. Yeah, this should be fun. Though, if I work this out right and I like the job. I should be able to get a nice full time job out of it. They only got about 35 people working out in the field, so it should be good.

I'm sure I'll let all of y'all know how it works out.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Joe Normal

Joe Normal

21 % Nerd, 13% Geek, 17% Dork
For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.
A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.
A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.
You scored less than half in all three, earning you the title of: Joe Normal.

This is not to say that you don't have some Nerd, Geek or Dork inside of you--we all do, and you can see the percentages you have right above. This is just to say that none of those qualities stand out so much as to define you. Sure, you enjoy an episode of Star Trek now and again, and yeah, you kinda enjoyed a few classes back in the day. And, once in a while, you stumble while walking down the street even though there was nothing there to cause you to trip. But, for the most part, you look and act fairly typically, and aren't much of an outcast.

I'd say there's a fair chance someone asked you to take this test. In any event, fairly normal.


The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Strange things happen when I'm bored

I almost had 4 posts in one day, but internet explorer crashed on me.

So I'm sitting there watching TV, the show I was watching was over so now what do I do. I come to the POS computer and do something. There isn't a whole lot I can do. Hell, I think just porn would cause this computer to have a melt down.

I thought I should add a little something to my blogie site, and that is just what I did. I ended up adding a chat box thingy to it. Played around with the code a lil, at least the little amount of code that I can edit. So there it is. For y'all to post in.

There it is, have fun and play nice.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I can't wait

Till I can move out of this hell hole. The only thing this place offers is a roof over my head, that is all. I just want to be able to get my own place. That way I can have my own problems. With my own job to pay my own bills. This being jobless is really starting to get old. Parents are really starting to get old. I guess there is just too much going on in this lil ol house. I guess it all comes down to me needing to get out more. Just a whole bunch of personal stuff begin me, that really doesn't need to be posted here so it aint gonna.

I guess you could say that I'm just doing a little venting. Seeing as this is my 3rd post today....maybe this should be a lot of venting. Or maybe it's because I only vent a little at a time. That should at least stop me from blowing up, though that might be fun to watch :P

Damn I wish I had the money to go out and buy me an RC car or something. That would just kick ass sea-bass.


Told ya I'd be back before I pass out of boredem. Well today I went to a job interview. It's a temp to hire job, but a job none the less. Hell they are even picking and choosing who they want. They got resumes, and my history from the temp agency. As far as I know there's about 5 people that they are interviewing. So I'm in the top 5, so that's good. Over all I think I did good. I dressed the part, if I was a chick I'd want to do me =P . I know my stuff. This is just a shipping and recving job and they wanted to know more about my welding skills than anything else it seems like.

I should know something about this job by Friday. I guess after this show, I'll try and get some sleep. Maybe read some more. Who knows? I guess I shouldn't have taken that nap before class tonight. It wouldn't be that bad if I didn't have a dead paper weight of a computer on my desk. Atleast then I can do something.

Oh well.

There's been a death...

Well last night (well this morning about 3:30 am) I turned my computer off so I could get some sleep. Most of the time I just leave it on 24/7, just easier that way. Well when I rolled out of bed this almost afternoon, I got some error while booting up my computer. "Well humm" I thought to my self. Then I tried some other stuff, and nothing seemed to work. So being the smart person that I am, I knew I needed to ask other people. Maybe, just maybe, someone out there knew how to bring life back into my computer.

Well it's really hard to do anything when you don't got any kind of video. Hell, it doesn't even beep any more when I push the power button. bummer. So it seems that my motherboard died over the night. It's still young too, just over a year old. Had lots of life left in it. So now it seems that my computer will be down for a week while I ship the dead off and I get my replacement mobo.

So what am I going to do with my self in this time of need? Seeing as I can't chat online to any of my friends really, nor can I play any of my video games. Don't got the money for gas to really go any place. There seems to be a lot of "don't"s "can't"s and "what-not"s But you know what, it doesn't bring my life down any. My life has been so far down in the past that this aint Jack or Shit. So, I'm good a little bored mind you, but good none-the-less.

Well this is it for now, I think I might post another bloggie thingy before the night is over with.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

So bored.

I don't even have any idea what to blog about tonight, none at all. I am still hungery, and I think I've been eating all day. humm....maybe I have a tapeworm. You never know with those things. Ok, tapeworm aside, I think I should rename this to my "I'm just killing time and don't have anything better to do then to make a new post on my very own blog" blog. Ha say that ten times realy super duper fast.

lol, yeah I'm an idiot. Or something. Ok so I was googling stuff for the hell of it. and I just so happened to be googling, I bet you'll never guess...." leper colony" don't ask me why. I could tell you, but it's more fun to make you wonder.

I went to the movies with my mommie today, yeah it was good times. To bad the movies suckzored. We watched DoooooooM. yeah just a bad movie. so yeah. humm what else

yeah I don't have anything.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


So here it is 1am, and I can't flippin' go to sleep. I've even been reading a book; The Stand, by Stephen King. Great book. But it's slow reading for me, I'm only a lil over 1/3 of the way through out of almost 1200 pages. This will be by far the longest book I've ever read. So I thought I'd waste some time here. That way I can look back on this in a year or two and just go "woah". Just to see how much my life has changed. See how much I've grown up over the days and nights. I guess I'm kinds turning this into my very own lil journal. I guess that's a good thing, I mean what else is this going to turn into?

I wonder if I would still type away like no one is readin (Yes, I do know some friends read this.) my lil space of the internet. I mean what if more people that knew me, and even those that didn't, would just start putting their two cents in here and there. Would I still type like no one is reading? I know this is all for public viewing, but there are also soo many others here why would they want to stop here? I don't think I'd give my self (well my blog self) the time of day to stop and read. The template that I use, looks just like everyone else's that I've seen. Though I have seen a few good ones. I guess that's why I'm not a web developer, I just don't have the eye for it.

It funny, I don't even talk this much in real life. Well to some people I do, but I have to know them first. Here I am typing away to people I don't know. I guess it's easier to be me when I'm not face to face. Well, it's not like I'm telling my deepest and darkest secrets here, why would I want to do a thing like that? There's just nothing to gain from it. Oh well it's not like I'm the only one that has something to hide. So what's the big deal, nothing. Why am I typing this, I got no clue..Nor do I have any idea where I'm going with this. LOL, I guess you could say I'm going no where fast. I got a smile out of that at least. I guess I'll read some message boards and do some what-not.

G'night 'net folks

Friday, October 21, 2005

Broken no more...almost

So I went to the doc thursday afternoon. 'Cause I broked my wrist about 2 months ago. Well, all is looking good. He told me I could keep the splint off....woohoo.

But now when I try to use my hand like a normal healthy hand...holy cow does it hurt. But at I can start to move it again.

I started running again today. So go me =) it sucked after taking a two month break, but at least I'm doing it. Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on in my life. I guess that's a good thing, I don't know.

Till I blog again...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Just me

Yeah so I guess you could say that I'm having one of "those" days. So I thought I'd start typing to all of the cyberworld out there that doesn't really care what I do. So why would they care about what I type. With that being the case I can't just type what I what, knowing that I only know of one person that even takes the time of day to see if I posted anything new. There might be a few other out there, but I don't know. Ha I just took some time to find a pic that fits, well I think it does and seeing as this is my thoughts..that's all I need.

I guess, I don't know. I just need to go out more. I really want to go backpacking again. It's been way to long since I've been out side doing stuff like that. But it sucks 'cause I don't have anyone who would want to do that with me. I could always just suck it up and just go by my self, and seeing as I'm a big boy now I can do that. I know just where I'd want to go too. It all just cost money, funny how that is. Hell I'd love to go up to the mountain and go skiing, just love it. But, that too takes money. I also feel that it would be really sucky driving 90 min so to spend the day skiing alone. Oh but you might meet someone up there, yeah I might....or the would might just demolished to make room for an intergalactic super spaceway. You just never know. If that sounds a little depressed, it's not really meant to be. Just wanted to give you something to think about. Well that and kinda quoting a movie.
I guess typing my thoughts, if that you want to call this junk, is helping. I don't even know. It's just killing time I think. I mean I'm still me. I'm still sitting here at looking in to this Sony monitor. Kinda wishing I had 2 19in LCD monitors to stare into, but I don't...again do to a lack of funds.
I really hope that one of these jobs I applied for works out. I'll let all my readers, Ha!, know what I applied for.
  1. A county job (the guys who paint "STOP AHEAD" on the streets, and a bunch of other stuff)
  2. Welding / fab job about 45 min drive away.
  3. temp agency has a temp-to-hire job coming up that they said they would submit my resume in.
I guess that's not to bad, this all came up within the last week more or less.

I guess I will end with that. I don't really have anything to this. I'm sure I could just waste some time typing some random pointless thoughts, but who'd want so spend their time reading that. Ha! Like I really got to worry about boring people with this. I'd first need people.

You know it's funny I've never-ever had a journal, or anything like that in my life. Well, other than the have-to-do-this-for-school ones. Nothing that I ever really spent any time on. Hell, I don't even like writing, but look at me go and make a cool run on sentence. Hell I'm doing this and not it's not even private. I can't lock this up and stick it in my pocket for safe keeping. Nor, can I hide it under my bed where no one in there right mind would look. No, I'm doing this in the public eye. For all to see (witch they don't) and for all to comment on if they want. I guess knowing that there are some topics I stay away from. I guess I can't have random people know more about my life than people I know in real life. But what ever, right?

I think I'll end there (again, I know) so I can get me something to eat.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Nothing and a lot of it.

What is nothing? you might be asking your self, well click on the link to find out, yo.

Well it's been a few
it's been a few days since I've posted anything. I'm sure y'all are staying up at night wondering what I'm doing with my time. Well, take a guess. Nothing. I looked in the help wanted in the paper today. Out of all the jobs, I found 2 that I would want to do. One of them I got ruled out of 'cause I didn't have a CDL. The other I'll call tomorrow and see what's up with it. This being jobless and broke, sucks. It does have it's pluses, like being able to post this blog thingie at 2:30am.

After I post this, I think I'm going to go nighty night, sleep 12 hours awake for 15. It's a nice cycle that most people can't do. Nor do they want to do. Gah, I don't even want to know how many hours I've wasted away in front of this computer. I did go out side a few times today tough. I did have to get the paper after all ;)

Well y'all have a good night. I'm out.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


So if it is rude to talk with food in your it also rude to type with food in your mouth?

See it's random stuff that I think about at 6am. It's not: "gee golly self, I really should be asleep right now..." so yeah. So I think I should get some sleep sometime soon. The job hunt is still going, kinda sucks not getting paid. Though, it is nice being able to stay up late and sleep in late. Just makes it kinda hard to pay bills and what not.

So yeah, I think I'm gonna get some sleep here soon.

Monday, October 10, 2005

One of those days.

So I've only been awake about 3-4 hours so far today. I guess it's just one of those days where nothing in ment to go right. Well, I did get some tacos from the taco truck. Those were good.

I guess it started last night. I fixed the the so it can't be pushed in anymore, had some great people that liked to look around in the middle of the night. I went to home-de-pot to some locks, screws, drill bit, you know all that good stuff. I get everything set up right and I lock the gate, put the keys to the new locks in my pocket and put my tools away. A few hours later that night I put my hand in my pocket looking for the keys, guess what....they weren't there!!?!!!1!1shiftone So what the hell, maybe just maybe, I left them out side. I left some other tools out too, so there was a chance.

Today comes by, I look out side for the keys....not there. Looked at the chair I was sitting in to watch the movie...not there. Hell I even looked in my truck...not there. The groud around where i was working on the gate...not there. By this time you might be wondering if I had a hole in my pocket. Nope, it must be something greather than a hole....maybe magic!

I got this bad feeling that my whole day is going to go like this and there isn't anything I can do to stop it. Well maybe I should learn some magic to counter the magic that is going on in my pocket. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Life or something like it...

So yesterday (Sat) morning my brother woke me up at 6am with some not so good news. Keep in mind that I didn't go to sleep till 3:30amish. I was just getting to the good part of sleep where you don't want to get up, and it's just good sleep. So he opens my door and says, "Josh"......"Josh"....."Josh!". I'm still half asleep at this point, when he says, "Francine is dead" I went "what?!" and this went back and forth a few times till I was awake enought to understand what he was talking about. She is my mommy's dog. She was 13 (or so) years old, not a bad life at all for a dog.

Since my parents our out of town, guess who had to take care of this. Yeah that's right me. and it was soooooo much fun, NOT. I guess it's just one of those things about life, one of these days it's going to end. Then what? I guess there's only one way to really find out, but I don't have any plans to die anytime soon. So I guess it'll just have to wait.

To bad I don't have any pics of her....

R.I.P. Francine (wow it sucks just typing that)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Life is full of choices: do I go right or left? Eat now or later? Name the kid Zeus or Joe? Things like that. Well right now in my life I got a choice....Do I shave my goatee / beard or do I leave it. I'm thinking of shaving it off, get the clean look again. Well I might just post a pic here when I do it, since just about no one will see it :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

New blogging home

Ok well I seem to be liking this better. For the past week or so I have been using MSN My Space (gee sounds just like and well it isn't all that. Since I use Firefox as my browser and MSN being well....MSN, I have been having some problems with loading the site. So I think this will work just fine.'

If you want to see what I have been up to in the past, here is a link to my MSN space.

So yeah here it is. I'll be changing a few this to make this more Chucky like in the next few days.

Have fun.

This is me


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