Friday, February 29, 2008


ok well i asked if she wanted to go to lunch. only it's friday so she doesn't eat meat today. she did say that we could work something out later when she isn't limited on places to eat.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

This weekend

I'm going to go to Vegas again tomorrow night. I get to check out my brothers new house. The guy is 2 years younger has a wife and 2 kids. And just got him self a brand new house in North Las Vegas. Seems like he has everything going good for him right now.

Well I guess life aint going too bad for me either. Just a lot different than his.

Maroon 5 - Wake Up Call Video

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I am in love with...

Warning: This is going to be a stalkerish post.

Ok after watching Idle Hands I found out that I am in love with Jessica Alba.

I'm not to sure why. Though does there really have to be a reason? HUmm I thought I had more that I could type. Ha! I don't think I've ever typed out "love" in any of my posts as much as I just have. Ohh maybe that is what I should do, do a search of my blog for "love". Wonder what I would come up with.

I am an odd odd little man. =)

I'll leave you with this little video clip from Idle Hands.

Idle Hands - The most amazing bloopers are here

Ha! I can't wait until I come across this again in a few years.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The book of Joshua

I'm not talking about the one in the other book. I'm talking about this one!

I know only one person who has done it. Only took a few days. Ok, so it might be stalker like. I think it would be a good read. You'll learn to laugh, learn to love, cry and maybe even get angry.

That's right! All that in this one little slice of the 'net.

So what are you waiting for? Get some coffee and maybe even a little fire going. A warm blanket and my blog is always good if you are filling ill.

Under Pressure

If there was ever a time to add a some to some pictures, now would be it!

I think the pictures speak for them self. If you have any questions just ask.
I labeled witch one are me =)

Monday, February 25, 2008


After reading some of my past blogs I now have this silly girl on the brain again. One of the few that I tried not to mess things up with. Just was never meant to be. I wonder what she is up to now.

Oh well such is life.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My 21st Birthday

Ok it's story time. I don't believe I ever posted what all went down on this great great day...well days.

I believe my 21st birthday was on a Wednesday or Thursday. Well I was temporary deployment to the beach. Yeah hard life, I know. There's an old navy base ( I think) that is just used for R&R now. There are some mobile homes and houses there you can stay at and it is right next to the beach.

Well I was there all week. Doing HVAC repairs. So the night before I turn 21 I start off drinking Budweiser and later that night some PBR. I still can't drink that PBR shit. yuck.

Well the rest of the time there nothing major happens. Ha! well yeah. There was this good looking life guard there. I was driving a golf cart to get some supplies or something. Well I stopped the golf cart and got out. Well I stopped on a lil slop of a hill and guess what happened. No I didn't run over the good looking life guard, but the cart did roll down the hill some :P That is just how smooth I am


Well we come back that Friday afternoon. There is a Squadron picnic going on. There is also a keg of beer. Needless to say I have about 3 beers there. Our shop is one of the last to leave, I guess we were just a bunch of drunks. After that I went with one of the Sgt. back to his house, well first we stopped off at the samich join on base. Easy to do seeing as he lived on base too.

I had another beer as I ate my samich then took a nap while we waited for the other guys to show up. After that we ended up going to the local dirt track race. Oh that was fun! And it was a B.Y.O.B. event. I think I had six more beers there. Then we went to the bar. oh the bar. It was a little red neck bar. I walked in and got carded, the old lady of a bartender said that I just had a birthday and that the next one was one me. From that point on I never had an empty beer.

Even the DD's sides were hurting from laughing so much. I don't even know how much I had to drink. I just know it was A LOT. I even threw up some. Not much and I wasn't feeling sick before or after. It just kinda happened. Oh man that was some good times. Too bad I don't have any pictures of that.

Well anyways we closed that bar down and some how I walked to the car under my own power.

After driving back to base, all of 3 blocks. We got stopped at the main gate and asked to get out. Well I kind of just roll out. It's a random drug test with the first 30 or so people having to get tested. It would seem that we are the first 5 or so people though the gate from when they started.

You would that that it would be easy for someone who had as much to drink as I did, but nooooo. Somehow I end up making a big ol' fuss there. I even talked to a major about why they couldn't just take my blood. We got there about 2:15 and with all the bullshiting and almost passing out and drinking water that I was doing. I didn't end up leaving until 4:45am. Not to bad for a drunk :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

White History Month

When is White history month?

It's only fair. Are the other 11 months for white history? We got boob awareness month.

maybe a month to talk about the other months?

"But you'll be making a lot of money"

I have been told this a few times. The funny thing is that I'm usually told that after I tell people that I'm looking for a second job.

I just don't make enough right now. So making money later doesn't do anything other than pay off debt from right now. To bad I can't add rent to my list of debt.

I know my blog has been kind of dead the past few days. I just got my internet turned back on here today. So, I got soooo much on my mind. Well not really. I'm used to dealing with stress now. It takes a lot to get me worked up, but that doens't mean it wont show on my face that something is worng.

I was going to put an ad on craigslist looking for some extra work. Only that was going to cost me $25.

I'm also really starting to hate office jobs. Thank goodness that I wont have one for awhile after this. I found a job that sounds like something I would like. He wants me to come in tomorrow before lunch. Only I don't think a welding job will pay as much as my lil office job does. And when they find out when I leave, why would anyone one hire me. I really need to get used to lieing better.

At school on Tuesday we took some "MySpace Pictures" with an underwater camera. So I should have some pictures for y'all in a few days.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

night one

well it's nice here. the guy has the heat so it is toasty warm here. it is a better place to live that's for sure.

this weekend was crazy. there were two mornings that i didn't get to sleep until 4am. i even went to my first hocky game. well first NHL game. it was fun then went out to a club after that. good thing i don't dance.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Empty is

Empty is my room.

This will be my last post from the getto.

It'll be a few days until I get the internet back up in the other house. The down time is going to suck. Oh well.

I'm sure I'll post some from my cell phone.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Looks like I'm moving

Moving now and again in 3 months. Yay.

Oh well. Oh and my rent is going to go up, but the living should be better. Parking should be a lot better. Rent is going up.

Oh well I guess it's for the better.

What else is going on....not much at all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Found a new place

So I found a new place. It'll cost me more in rent. But it is a 2 bedroom house.

damn I really suck at this right now.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do you have a room for rent?

It would seem that half of my roommates are moving out this month. Now, y'all know how long I've been wanting to move out. Because I haven't wanted to fuck over my roommates with rent, so I stayed.

Now we got the two that are moving out and one of the couples are moving out. They were paying the most rent to. so I got fucked and didn't even like it. My rent for this month was $370 and if I were to stay here and with the empty rooms my rent would go up to $785. That's a little to much for me. In fact that is a lot to much.

so now I need to find a place to live. I'm going to ask my bossdude about it tomorrow at work.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Look at me now!

(Click to make it super sized)

Yes, after work I went and got a 40 of some OE. It's not for me, I don't feel like drinking. I conned one of my roomies into drinkin. Yes, that is Red Man tabaco in my shirt pocket!

What more could a priest want :P

It was a good day at work, however, I didn't get much done.

priest like?

my new look

what'cha think?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is it bad

Is it bad that I just want to go down to the bar and drink a beer or two or three? And that I want them all by my self? Well ok maybe that isn't true. Without any of my roommates around would be the right way of putting it.

It's not that far away. Maybe a 20 minute walk if I take my time. I want a beer, but I don't want it here. No, I am not drinking right now. Well I do have a Sobe if that matters.

It is soooo fuckin' hard doing all this on my own. "this" being paying bills, school, So much debt. I don't even have money to spend the weekend away from here.

Being poor case you didn't know.

I don't know. I've been trying to get back to the dentist. It has been a good three years since I really had a good check up / things fixed.

Well so far I've had a hand full of appointments and this is how it has gone down.

Uninsured Root canal - $1250
Cheap insurance from school covers 25% - $950ish
Starving college student - $700

Almost half price. Almost two months worth of rent.
Needless to say I haven't had the root canal yet....and I got 700 reasons why I'm not going to.

I went in for a cleaning today. I'm trying to do the right thing now.
It would cost a $100 co-payment. Needless to say....I didn't get my teeth cleaned.

Monday, February 04, 2008

and 2 hit the road

Well two of my roommates are moving out at the end of the month.

One of them I like, the other is the guy that I said I wasn't going to give a ride to.

Ha! funny story about him. Turns out that his 19 year old gf got a d.u.i. or something and can not drive for a year. So he's going to move in with her mom and drive her car. He also doesn't have a license. Yup sounds like a good ol' plan.

This I got this stupid roommate that isn't moving out. Everytime he drinks he talks / bitches none stop!

Maybe I should just move out too. It's not worth it. Only 4 months left here. What's the point of moving now? Hum...I might be able to save a few $$$ but I really hate moving.

If you don't know yet....I don't like roommates!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

my hair

it's getting longer. still not long enough to anything with other than being a total mess. :-)

What if...

what if I just send an old co-worker a text messages askin' her to marry me. You think that's movin a lil fast :P

I know what I need!

I need to get laid!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Bored or board.......stupid English

I've never been a fanboy of English classes. I've never ever been a good speller. Amen for spell check. It would seem that I'm bored and yet have a lot on my mind.

What would it take to really make me happy?

So I might be lookin for a new place to live. There has been some drama here, and I know one person already asked one of his lady friends if he could move in. Word is that the 28 year old (same one that I kicked out of my car) is thinking of moving in with his 19 years old parents house. I'm sure that would work out oh so well.

If all you do is read the 650+ posts here, how well would you know me?

Ok, I seem to get an "A" in not saying the right thing at the right time. Oh well, story of my life.

I'm not really in a "down" mood. Just thinking and typing. Oh and I get to go into work tomorrow, however, it is just for four hours.

I really don't know where I'm going with all this.

It is funny, how even in this blogger place I only have a few readers that stop by. Where as even in my so called "real life" I only have a few people that I really talk to.

I think I just need to get out of Long Beach. But Fuck it cost soo much money to go some place. Any of Y'all want to put me up for a night or two? I'll be nice and let you watch what you want to on TV.....even if it is a chick flick :P

I do need a good road trip....someday...


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