Monday, February 04, 2008

and 2 hit the road

Well two of my roommates are moving out at the end of the month.

One of them I like, the other is the guy that I said I wasn't going to give a ride to.

Ha! funny story about him. Turns out that his 19 year old gf got a d.u.i. or something and can not drive for a year. So he's going to move in with her mom and drive her car. He also doesn't have a license. Yup sounds like a good ol' plan.

This I got this stupid roommate that isn't moving out. Everytime he drinks he talks / bitches none stop!

Maybe I should just move out too. It's not worth it. Only 4 months left here. What's the point of moving now? Hum...I might be able to save a few $$$ but I really hate moving.

If you don't know yet....I don't like roommates!

1 comment:

Aunt Jackie said...

Wow... I didn't realize you hated roommates that badly. Hope your situation gets better!


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