Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is it bad

Is it bad that I just want to go down to the bar and drink a beer or two or three? And that I want them all by my self? Well ok maybe that isn't true. Without any of my roommates around would be the right way of putting it.

It's not that far away. Maybe a 20 minute walk if I take my time. I want a beer, but I don't want it here. No, I am not drinking right now. Well I do have a Sobe if that matters.

It is soooo fuckin' hard doing all this on my own. "this" being paying bills, school, rent...life. So much debt. I don't even have money to spend the weekend away from here.


Aunt Jackie said...

Everyone goes through rough patches, on the road to being self-sufficient. Just hang in there and it will all get better.

No, have a beer or two or three. sometimes you just need some alone time.

captain corky said...

Sucks dude, but it will all payoff in the end. Get a bottle of Boone's Farm and hit the beach.


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