Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Rebuttal

Ok, because my last post just bombed. I and going to rebuttal with a post about boobies!

How about a meme about boobies, now why don't people think of things like that. People make signs asking to see boobies. So I think a meme is in order. Ok, so I don't have boobies. I'm even kinda weak in the whole man-boob area.

I wonder if there is boobie music? What would that be like? Would ABBA be boobie music or The Who or even U2?

If men really had boobies would they play with them? Would they still want to see more of them? Oh so many boobies questions.

Oh, since I did a meme. How about the kind of boobies I know big ones small one...or even three of a kind?! I will never forget that part of the movie.

Ok for me, I like the smaller / firm boobies. Boobies bigger than my head, yeah...those are scary! But they need to be bigger than mosquito bite boobies. Ohh...a hand full of boobs, see now that's what I'm talking about!

There are ass men and there are boob men. I'm a boob guy myself.

I'm going to leave you with this all time goodie!
Learn your A, B, C's

(damn I used the words boobies, boobie, boob 15 times in the short post! I fucking rock like no other!!)

Weird things about me

None! Yeah, nothing weird about me!

Now if you believe that, then you don't know me.

So lets see what I can come up with. I really don't like writing about my self, it's just hard for me to do.

  • yeah, I think I'm going to have to take notes about this one. I got nothing right now...

Blog for me.

I got some stuff to blog about, but just don't want to blog. Someone else should do it for me. Eh, well it's just a thought.

So last night I watched Catch and Release (Trailer). For being a chick flick, it was a real good movie. I liked it. So that has to say something.

Well, what else. I got to do this blog thingy for a friend of mine, we'll see how that works out. Maybe tomorrow.

Friday is payday!

I don't have my tally beard anymore, just a goatee for me right now.

Over and out.

Monday, January 29, 2007

This is why...

I shouldn't wait till noon time to roll out of bed. Humm I get stuck here blogging and leaving comments at way past my bed time.

and eating string cheese. Ok, so maybe the Pepsi doesn't help. At least it isn't vodka. I had enough of that on Friday night. Maybe a few drunk phone calls. I think I talk too much shit when I drink. Well, it hasn't gotten me beat up yet. That's good.

Fuck I'm going to be stuck working at those fucking apartments tomorrow. Oh well, I'll work at the only speed I can. I only got to work there a few more months.That means I should still be there for my one year review. Ohhhh can't wait to see how avg. I am. That is what happens when you don't care.

Yup don't want to work in those apartments. I bet we're still working on them 2 months from now. They plan on having the grand opening in the spring, so that's only a few months away. There is still so much work left to do. They only got 2 of us out there. Every time I was asked
"so, umm, how is it going out there?" "fucking slow" Did they ever try to send more help? Nope. So why should I care if it gets done on time or not? I get paid the same. Not like they are going to fire me right now, they need the help. Boss man already knows that one guy is planning on leaving.

Thank goodness I didn't do any drunk blogging. We've seen how well that works out. *yawn* And my back is still buggin me, well just my upper back / left shoulder area.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

UnderWater Welding

I know most of you have got no clue what this is. Well other than welding underwater.

So I just wanted to put some information together. I for some videos on Google.

My mom asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this after she watched these videos. I told her with out a doubt in my mind. I said it was safer than Alaskan Crab fishing. Hell I'm already in the water ;)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Letter...

Well in the mail today I got my package that I've been waiting for from the school I want to go to. Just some information about the school and what not. Only it should have came here about 2 weeks ago. Maybe it got lost, or just want to see the country before coming to me.
Well, inside there were two envelopes. I went for the smaller of the two first. I seen my name, addy, Dear...Then below that
Well as you can see I got approved for the school. Still don't know how much it cost, but it doesn't really matter.
May 22nd is my start date. So this should be fun.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


One heck of a title.

Yeah I don't know. Just kinda here. Nothing new has happened. That was the reason for posting of the test last night. I might just do a few more tonight for the heck of it.

I just want it to be May already. Well I guess first I should find out if the school take me or not. I don't see why they wouldn't. You just never know.

So I guess a friend of mine, isn't a friend of mine anymore. I don't really feel sad about it. Here's some back ground so y'all can all think I'm an idiot and move on with your life.

Hell, it's been months now. It was Nov 30 - Dec 1st. Just one night.
And the stars are: Joshua (me :P ), Mary, and Patricia.

All there of us went to college together, and have been friends since then. We've kept in tough, called each other. Texted, even drank together. One of the 2 ladies (Mary) has been living in Arizona for just over a year now. Well Mary and I are both chillin' at (well she's at her and I'm at mine) home. Both drinking too. We're talking maybe it was on yahoo or on the phone. Well she ends up leaving a comment on Patricia's myspace. So did I.

So here we have to drunks leaving messages (about each other) on Patricia's myspace page.

No biggie, right? We're all friends. We must have left some where around 10-15 comments between the both of us.

Well come the next day, or the day after.

Patricia is piss the fuck off that we did that. She ends up making a big deal about it. I was talking to her on the phone. I told her if it bugs her that much just delete them. She told me that it never should have happened in the first place. I told her that was her prerogative, or something like that. Well, she said she had to go not long after that.

So that brings us to Dec. 3rd, or so. Mary apologizes.

Me on the other hand....Ha! Now we're getting to the good part.

Well seeing as I still believe I didn't do a damn thing wrong. I didn't apologizes. Unless I was going to say something like, "well, I'm sorry you're mad." Or something else like that. I didn't even do that. We've talked since that happened. I got an invite to make tamales before Christmas, and I did. I even got an invite to go over for New years, but y'all know what I ended up doing.

So I'm thinking all is good and she got over it. We all move on with our life, or so I thought...

That brings us to last week.

I haven't talked to Patricia for awhile, so I thought I'd give her a call. I didn't really have anything to talk about, just a call to see how it's going. She would call, in the past, and we would end up talking for 45min to an hour with out working at it. So I just thought that there would be something to talk about.

Well when I called her, I got the "what do you want?" type of hello. She was real short with me. I was left thinking "what the hell is up with this chica?!" I don't think we have ever had a conversation end like that before. But it did. I don't think I was even on the phone with her for 5 min.

Well, after talking to Mary. It seems that she is still mad at me for that whole myspace deal. Well, it's to late to say I'm sorry...and I'm still not. I didn't think it was going to end out friendship.

Hell, if she is willing to toss it all out the window of that. That's on her. I tried calling her. I guess I don't have to plan on getting any more calls from her. Though Mary did say that Patricia "plans on keeping is civil with [me]" What the hell does that mean? Can't even fucking call me, but you're going to keep is civil....Ha!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How Fascist Am I?

You are 51% fascist

You are moderately fascist. You like to be sorrounded with people like you and you live a narrow life. You don't understand other religions and you are skeptical of "homosexuals".

How Fascist Are You?

What political ideology do I have?

What political ideology do you have?
Your Result: Democratic Socialist

You are the standard European socialist who believes that the government should spend large amounts of money on social welfare programs. You also believe that these social welfare programs are mandated by the people who vote in your ideal democratic government

Authoritarian Capitalist
What political ideology do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Monday, January 22, 2007

case of the Mondays

yeah for some un known reason I had a really good Monday! I was in a good mood. I got all my work done. I got to talk to the girls (cause I'm such a womanizer). I didn't have to work at the fucking apartments, and maybe not even tomorrow. Got to rock out to the radio, mostly country music today. No body bugged me.

It was just a good ol' day!

Need more of those.

The Application

So, I sent in my application today. Did it online, should find out sometime this week or next. I also did my Financial Aid, that was a betch to fill out.

I can't believe I didn't blog at all this weekend. I think that's a first for me! I must be broken. Helped my daddy on Saturday, worked 10 hours for him. Friday night I had my self some RedBull and Vodka, good stuff! And that made the morning go kinda slow while I was with my daddy.

Sunday, I washed clothes.

so yeah short and to the point.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Verbal warning...FTW

Yup folks, it has come to that. I'm busted. Caught read (oops....that should be red) handed! I got to come back from the dark side. With a big case of the ohnoes!q!2!11!!! (hints the picture).

Well I got bused for clocking in late. Who'd da thunk it?! Well I clocked in late 8 times this past two weeks, but I'm thinking that is counting clocking back in from lunch.

They, the ambiguously gay duo, found me outside. Told me this it was a verbal warning. That I've been clocking in late. Then I said "ok", turned around and kept on with what I was doing. He then said that "you know who looks at those"

"yeah, I'll try" (I'm not going to give excuses, like the fact that it takes awhile to get the ice off your car when no water is coming out the hose...).

"Don't try, do"

and I left it at that. I don't know how they think I can take them seriously when that other guy is still working there. Fuck, he must have been at least 5 min later than I was today. He's still working there. So eh.

I guess this is what happens when ya just don't care anymore...

If it wasn't for some of the people working there, I would be gone by now. There are a few of those good people that just put a smile on my face. Others....well, I'm sure you've read the blogs.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

She's a Whore!

She wont stop! In my room...The Kitchen...The floor...My Feet!

Everywhere. I don't even want to know what would happen if I let her use my finger...Humm I know a blogger that likes to poke things with her finger. That might work out.

She just wont stop! It's driving me nutso! She is just in this mood...Now it seems like she is yelling at me! I just don't want no babies, it just isn't good time for little ones right now. Good thing I don't let her how. I bet she's go down of the first stud that came her way.

I'll have to fix her good one of these days! Oh yeah...

oh and by the way, I'm talking about my cat.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Mood!

You know the mood...

The mood where you are pissed off at the world, and not really for a good reason. Well that was me today. Well it didn't help the fact that I was stuck working alone in these apartments. Then on top of that I ended up leaving my cell phone at my casa.

So I'm there, working all by my self. It just puts me in this mood that I don't really like. I couldn't help but find fault with everyone. From the cop that doesn't know how to work his turn signal to the boss that needs to take a co-worker just to take some pictures.

So yeah. Every time now that I see any kind management go out with another co-worker I have to wonder if the job really takes two. Eh, oh well. I know it takes two for our job. There are one 2 of us that work out in the window blinds department.

Ah there's just tooooooooo many cooks in this kitchen. The food isn't even that good ;)

Oh but on the other hand, I am eating free taco bell stuff burrito.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Weather

I know other places have seen colder weather. But for a place that will see over 110 in the summer time, I got a right to bitch. It doesn't help that the warehouse I work in has no heat. The new apartments I'm working in, don't even have power yet...ala no heat. Holy fuck, it's colder workin in those apartments than it is outside.
My hands were so cold today that they hurt. I'd go turn the van (you know the one I park down by the river) on and just sit in there with the heater on for a few min. Ahhh good stuff. Then it's back to cold ass shit. It's going to be below 30 by the time I get to work tomorrow (6am).
I think I hate this cold more than the heat. I think. They both fucking suck sweaty donkey balls (sorry for that mental picture, it had to be done). Well, working in a 120 warehouse will give you sweaty balls :P. At least I was able to ware shorts to work, that was nice. Yeah, I'm really going to miss that.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day light comes and I wanna go home!

I guess I should type a lil some-some up

(lol I've been at that one line for something like 5 hours)

Ok, lets start with Saturday.

I got to sleep in till 10ish. Always nice. Took care of the three S's: Shit Shower and Shave.
Around 2ish I left to go to a birthday party for a co-workers little girl. She turned one last week. That was some fun stuff. Had a little fire going out back. I wasn't the ONLY white guy there ;) . There were two others.

Had some food. Had some cake. Watched some football.

Then got to drive all the way back up here (about 45min), pick up a friend when she got off of work. Then got to drive back south about 20min to watch Children of Men (Trailer). It was a good movie. Different, but good. I didn't care for the ending, just to shot. It's like *pow* over! Then I got to drive back home. All in all I got to drive 150 miles just going around. Guess that's what happens when you live in this crappy town.

Then come Sunday. Got to sleep in, hey it is the day of rest after all. I didn't do much today. Oh I went to Jack in the Box. Good stuff. Got me a lot of was good. mmm food. For being a skinny guy I sure can pack away the food. Kinda makes me wounder where it all goes sometime. Maybe I got a black hole in my tummy?! Or my tummy just turns food into anti-matter? Who knows...


Yes, tomorrow...well today now.

I will post about this weekend. So does this really count as a post? Who knows. But it is past my bed time.

p.s. my cat is trying to slap my mouse pointer on the cute. Heck I can't even see what I'm typing 'cause of her big ol' cat head in the way.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

The plan

Is to get a lot of sleep tonight.

Had dinner with a good friend of mine. It was good. I'm tired.

But my phone rocks!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm also a Geek!

Ok so I've had my past cell phone for just over 2 years now. It was my big Christmas gift back when I got out of the Air Force.

Well my 2 year contract is over with and I thought it would be a good time to just get a new phone. Now, there is noting at all wrong with my old phone. Nothing at all. The battery still last a few days. It's just 2 years old. I've had a leather case on it the whole time, so it still looks new.

Now I got a brand new LG cu500. I even got my a new bluetooth headset, but I'm not going to walk around town with it in my ear. If anything it will be in my pocket 'till someone calls. Some of the reps that stop by work have them glued (it would seem) into their ear. Me, I'm not cool enough to get that many calls. So far I like it. It does everything a cell phone doesn't need to do. I can connect to the Internet faster than my Grandmama's dial up. Well a lot faster. I thought that since I'll be stuck with a phone for 2 years, I might as well go all out. There are just a few times that I like to go out and get something nice for my self. I did that with my sunglasses (and they got fucking lost at the last boat race...$210, didn't even last a year), and my work jacket (Carhartt FTW).

So yeah, it was a lil pain in the butt getting the phone. The account is in my mom's name. She is in Las Vegas right now.

But at last, I got my phone!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm an asshole

Well that's what I said I was. But, I only speak the truth...well what I see as the truth. Some people don't like that, so I got to watch out who I talk to. I was talking to a good buddy / co-worker just about some shit going around the office. That was when I said, "Damn, I sound like an asshole." The reply to that was, "Better to be a truthful asshole, than a lieing asshole." So there you have it.

I'm an asshole, but I wont lie to you :P

That came right after I got asked if I could take the bag of shredded paper out, and I said "no" and walked away. Now, for the longer version of the above story.

The time: about 1535 (3:35pm PST)
The Place: The office

So I'm sitting in the break room drinking some water out of a waxed paper cup. By the water cooler. You know, shoot the shit say hi that king of junk. When she came in!!! It was the the phone answerer chica, no biggie. She was just passing along the message that, I'll call her, Lara wanted to see me when I was done with my break. So to that I continued to sit on my butt in the break area. She did say "after your break" after all. Well it wasn't 5 min. later that I got a call on my 2-way (walkie talkie kinda dealie) from the guy that works next to her. He said that she wanted to see me.

For those of us playing along at home, this makes 2 people that told me that she was looking for me. So I thought it was something important. I got up from my seat and went to see what she wanted.

I go back there, she is siting sideways in her office chair. Leaning up against the back of it. All cute like, or trying to at least. Well that is when she asked if I could take a bag of shredded paper out. Ok so it was full, I'll give her that much, but holy cow! it is simple shredded paper not even that big of a bag. A kinda small trash can full of shredded paper.

Now the first that went through my mind was, "holy fuck, she isn't trying to pawn off her work on to me and think she is going to get away with it because she's a girl...!" She is only 19, and this was at work so I didn't say that. Just wanted to ;)

What I did end up saying was short, simple, and to the point. "No."

Then turned around and walked out.

The lady that sits across from her said, "well that wasn't nice." These shoes just kept on walkin out.

When I seen my co-worker buddy of mine, I told him this story and he just laughed.

About 30 min later the guy that I've been calling Mike walks out to the warehouse and tells me that I owe her an apology and need to take a bag of trash out. I asked him if he was kidding. He said "no, why?" or something like that. So I told him the story...

He said that, "she had some dental work done and wasn't feeling good. "
Me, "well if she isn't feeling good enough to take a 3 pound bag of shredded paper out, she shouldn't be at work."
Mike, "So are you going to apologize?"
me, "Fuck that!" I really did say "Fuck that" to a supervisor. I so rock!

He though they were just joking with him, he didn't really know that it happened and that I really did say "no" to a girl.

Mike thought that I would have been nicer, being that she's a girl and all. I just told him that I'm equal and would have said the same to you. In fact I did tell him that I "[didn't] like doing bull shit work" and I was still a temp when I said it too.

So yeah, I'm an asshole :P

The guy that paged me on the 2-way ended up taking the 2 bags out, because he is such a nice guy.

Now if I was already back there, and she would going to help me and not just sit on her ass. Then yes, I would have helped her. But when she had 2 people looking for me and then just sit there and point to it. Yeah.....Fuck that!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Lack of sleep FTW

FTW = For The Win...who'da thunk it?!

Anyways, about 4 and a half hours. weeeeeeeeeee

That's what I get for not rolling out of bed 'till noonish.

I can't wait

it hasn't even been a week that I came up with the idea that I was going to go to that school. Now I can't even wait to go. I don't think I have ever felt so good about something, not even the Air Force. I just want to make sure I do something "cool" with my life. I don't want to just sit around and watch life go on by. Funny how I spent my weekend being a hermit doing just that.

I remember talking to my friend over in Reno this past weekend about it. He said, "Cutting metal with fire, how manly is that.....and you're doing it underwater!"

WoW...if you like college football, I just watched the Boise st. Fiesta Bowl. Good stuff.

I want to go.
I want my car paid off.
I want out of here.
I want to do something with my life.
I want to make something out of my self!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

oh to be a hermit

So I was asked why I like being a hermit.

I'm sure I can give you some reason, or maybe they are excuses?

It is simple, I'll give you that much.

It doesn't mean that I don't like to go out. Y'all know I've had some very full weekends these past two. The only thing I've done this weekend has been playing City of Heroes, washed clothes, oh I did get my El Camino running better than it was. That was good. It ended up being a $80 fix and not $200 plus. So I got all dirty and banged up my finger. Oh yeah I ended up cooking a total of 6 hot dogs, a cup of soup, and a few other little things.

no beer or vodka or anything else. Just Pepsi and some milk.

so yeah, I know it's not much of a post. It hasn't been much of a weekend.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

YaY for Summit Racing

So the parts that I ordered for my El Camino came in. I didn't order much, just some new spark plugs and spark plug wires. So now I'm off to get a hair cut (yes...just one...har de har har) and then I am going to my Grammy's.

So far that is all that I have planned this weekend and I like it. I even had to take out some doing nothing in order to find time to do this.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm going to do it!

I'm going do dive right in (pun intended) to underwater welding. I found the school I want. I even got a call from them today. There is just some stuff to fill out to see if they will even take me. If all goes well I plan on getting my Associate of Science degree. Seeing that they only have classes twice a week, I'll be able to work part time. Not any of this working 47 hour weeks and trying to take a night class bull shit. It works out even better, because I was starting to look for a new part-time job so I could start taking classes during the day. Now I don't have to do that...just yet.

So right now I'm thinking sometime around March or April I'll end up moving down to LA. That's only 400-500 miles ('m guessing), no biggie :P I should have my car paid for by then. Then I'd just have to worry about rent and stuff. This might just work out just fine.

I think sometime in February I'm going to take a drive down and check out the school. I'm thinking on a three day weekend and take a day off...weeeee four day weekend!

So I just gotta tell my would be roomie, that unless she plans on moving to LA (yeah, I really don't think so). I don't think we're going to be able to be roomies.

It has been almost 2 years that I have been out of the Air Force, it's time for a change...

There I was, getting my clothes out of the dryer

So I was almost ready to get some sleep. When I remembered that I had to clean the junk (clean clothes) off of my bed. The only thing is what I found out when I went in to get my clothes out of the dryer.

Well the first thing that shocked me was the fact that there was someone else in there. They were at the computer looking at someones pictures. Then my brother turned around. And what is that in his ear?!?!! My brother, who is going to be 20 in may, pierced his ear. I took all that I had not to call him an idiot. Oh...but his "potential roommate" had one too. So my brother who has no income of any kind is going to rent my parents house. I can only see bad things coming from this. ONLY bad things.

But hey, at least I know I will never be that big of a mooch on my family. I wouldn't be able to sleep with my self at night if I was.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Called in Sick

Yeah it's not that I wasn't able to go to work today. I'm sure I could have dragged my self on in. I just knew what I was going to be stuck doing today. I just knew what I was going to be stuck doing today and that is installing window blinds in some brand new (ie: not heated) apartments. That was a big turn off for me to want to work today.

So I called in sick and didn't get out of bed till 1:00pm!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I think I might be coming down with something

But I'm not to sure what it is I got. So here is a list I came up with.

  • Bird Flu
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
  • leprosy
  • Chicken Pox
  • Small Pox
  • Mad Cow
  • black plague
  • pink eye
  • brown eye......woah.

I think that just about does it. If I can think of anything else I'll be sure to post it on up. Yeah I'm in bad shape. or something like that.

On a better note though, I am buying some parts for my El Camino.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Texas, Hold 'em?

So I made it back. About 550 mile round trip. It took about 5 hours to get there, and only 4 and a half coming back. I didn't leave till a little after 1pm Saturday afternoon. That means that it got dark on me while I was in the mountains. Yeah, I had a little fun with black ice, but at least I was going slow and so nothing happened. I was also taking my time going up, so I stopped to take some pictures of the view from the road.

The last time I seen my friend was the Warped Tour of 2005, was on the 4th of July. I can't even remember when the last time I seen the rest of him family. It is cool knowing someone for that long and the rest of their family too.

So Saturday night we just kicked back. Went to the casino had 2 beers did some bullshitin' then ended up watching the Night at the Museum. After that we just headed back to his casa.

So that's all for Saturday now on to Sunday.

For breakfast we just wanted something nice and simple. We ended up going to IHOP. It wasn't that bad, right on par for IHOP meals. Then back to his 'rents house and watched some movies.

well lets fast forward to later that night...

We ended up going to the Carson Valley Inn. Well, every time we go up there that is were we go. We get there around 6:00, play some video keno / poker. I hate video slots. I spend enough time in front of a computer monitor at home I don't do the same then stick money into it too. Long story short...I put in 60-80 between a few different machines. I even put in $20 in a nickle machine and couldn't even get the cocktail waitress to come by so I could get my damn drink. My friend on the other hand...I think he won$400-$600. I know he got $400 sitting at the machine right next to me when I couldn't get the waitress. So, that put a crimp on my night so far and it wasn't even 7:00 yet.

7:00 rolls on by and we have dinner with his sister and brother-in-law (see I know his whole family just about). His dad ends up getting the dinner comped, so that's all good.

Oh and Sunday night I was planning on just drinking beer, only it didn't work out that way. I didn't even order one beer. I was drinking Grey Goose and Red Bull. That's about an $6-8 drink if you order it at the bar. I was just tippin' the waitress. I think I must have had 6 of them through out the night.

Well I was kinda bummed out by not winning, so my friend gave me $100. So I was going to use that as my buy-in for when we went down to the poker room. Keep in mind I never played Texas hold-em before, let alone any card game for that matter.

Well, I ended up doing a lot better than I thought I would. I must have been down there for 4 hours or so. I was down there to see the ball drop and everything. The 4 of us started off playing at the same time. My friend even had to buy some more chips, then just got up and left with no chips. Me on the other hand, I was one of the last people at that table and had to move to another full table. Shortly after that Nate (my friends tired of typing "my friend") came back down to see how I was doing and if I was ready to go. Well I walked away from the take with $149 in chips. So I gave him his $100 back and all was good.

So all in all I ended up having a very good night. So much better than last year was.

p.s.:My new year resolution was to not lose at poker, so far it seems to have worked.


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