Did you know that mistletoe (Phoradendron flavescens or Viscum album) is a parasitic plant that grows on trees, particularly hardwood trees like oak and apple.

Well I think that is what my brother is. He is a fucking virus...mooch...he's something alright. It's also his birthday today. Happy fucking birthday Zachery.

He turns 19 today. Still doesn't have a job. But he does have this little grilly friend that when she says jump....he jumps without thinking twice aboutit. Damn does she has it made. Every time I pay the cellphone bill that fucker owes me $50 more. We got this family plan, like families do. Him, my mommy, and myself. We got 1200 anytime min to use. Well my mom had them set up my brothers phone so he can't make any text messages...just use it as a phone. It wasn't even a pitcure phone, just one of those free jobers. Well he didn't like that fact that he couldn't make text messages. So he went out and got his own fucking phone. Mind you we are in a one, or maybe two, year contract with these three phones.

So my mom is going to pay his cell phone bill again 'cause he sure as hell aint got no money. Going to pay for him to take his lil girlly friend to Magic mountian....$150 That's fucking insane. How can he just ask for sooo much money when he knows he doesn't give ANYTHING back. I just don't under stand.


I try so hard not to be like that. hell, I remember being a broke-ass-no-job high schooler with a lil girly firend my self. Guess how much money I asked from my parents at that time. None, well at least none that I nor my parents can remember. I could count how many times we went to the movies oh one hand I bet. You know what, we were still together for a year or two. So, I told my mom that I wouldn't say anything to my brother about this trip he wants to go on. So I came here and blogged about it so ALL can see what he's like through my eyes.

He'll learn one day. When he's 30 years old working for wal-mart for $9.75 an hour.