Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Rebuttal

Ok, because my last post just bombed. I and going to rebuttal with a post about boobies!

How about a meme about boobies, now why don't people think of things like that. People make signs asking to see boobies. So I think a meme is in order. Ok, so I don't have boobies. I'm even kinda weak in the whole man-boob area.

I wonder if there is boobie music? What would that be like? Would ABBA be boobie music or The Who or even U2?

If men really had boobies would they play with them? Would they still want to see more of them? Oh so many boobies questions.

Oh, since I did a meme. How about the kind of boobies I know big ones small one...or even three of a kind?! I will never forget that part of the movie.

Ok for me, I like the smaller / firm boobies. Boobies bigger than my head, yeah...those are scary! But they need to be bigger than mosquito bite boobies. Ohh...a hand full of boobs, see now that's what I'm talking about!

There are ass men and there are boob men. I'm a boob guy myself.

I'm going to leave you with this all time goodie!
Learn your A, B, C's

(damn I used the words boobies, boobie, boob 15 times in the short post! I fucking rock like no other!!)


bardouble29 said...

Chucky you have outdone youself with this one....but I think rockdog still may have outdone you, in the number if time boobies is mentioned in a blog...

Anonymous said...

Im in shock and in awww of the times you can use the word boobies... and dedicate a whole blog to it... well done man.. well done

The Lone Beader said...

Your post about boobies is kinda cute. LOL!

Kati said...

LOL Wow, Chucky, I wonder what's on YOUR mind right now?!?! ;p

RockDog said...

I passed out three times reading this...Boobies are cool in all sizes!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

LMAO! Let it be known that Chucky loves his boobies.

Anonymous said...

(singing) Chucky needs a girlfriend. (end singing) haha. just kidding. boobies - good fun for everyone!

Chucky said...

Echo: yeah...he kinda does. It would (maybe) keep him from making posts like this.

Wizened Wizard said...

As a grandmother who is just wearing a bra to keep her poor old tits warm, I felt compelled to consult Webster:

boob - 1. n [short for booby] a stupid, awkward person; simpleton 2. BOOR, philistine 3. BREAST - sometimes considered vulgar

booboisie - a segment of the general public regarded as consisting of boobs

booby hatch - 1. a raised framework with a sliding cover over a small hatch on a ship 2. an insance assylum

and finally:

booby prize - an award for the poorest performance in a game or competition 2. an acknowledgement of notable inferiority

So... I guess we members of the booboisie may deserve the booby prize for passing time out of the booby hatch babbling about boobies. ; )


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