Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm an asshole

Well that's what I said I was. But, I only speak the truth...well what I see as the truth. Some people don't like that, so I got to watch out who I talk to. I was talking to a good buddy / co-worker just about some shit going around the office. That was when I said, "Damn, I sound like an asshole." The reply to that was, "Better to be a truthful asshole, than a lieing asshole." So there you have it.

I'm an asshole, but I wont lie to you :P

That came right after I got asked if I could take the bag of shredded paper out, and I said "no" and walked away. Now, for the longer version of the above story.

The time: about 1535 (3:35pm PST)
The Place: The office

So I'm sitting in the break room drinking some water out of a waxed paper cup. By the water cooler. You know, shoot the shit say hi that king of junk. When she came in!!! It was the the phone answerer chica, no biggie. She was just passing along the message that, I'll call her, Lara wanted to see me when I was done with my break. So to that I continued to sit on my butt in the break area. She did say "after your break" after all. Well it wasn't 5 min. later that I got a call on my 2-way (walkie talkie kinda dealie) from the guy that works next to her. He said that she wanted to see me.

For those of us playing along at home, this makes 2 people that told me that she was looking for me. So I thought it was something important. I got up from my seat and went to see what she wanted.

I go back there, she is siting sideways in her office chair. Leaning up against the back of it. All cute like, or trying to at least. Well that is when she asked if I could take a bag of shredded paper out. Ok so it was full, I'll give her that much, but holy cow! it is simple shredded paper not even that big of a bag. A kinda small trash can full of shredded paper.

Now the first that went through my mind was, "holy fuck, she isn't trying to pawn off her work on to me and think she is going to get away with it because she's a girl...!" She is only 19, and this was at work so I didn't say that. Just wanted to ;)

What I did end up saying was short, simple, and to the point. "No."

Then turned around and walked out.

The lady that sits across from her said, "well that wasn't nice." These shoes just kept on walkin out.

When I seen my co-worker buddy of mine, I told him this story and he just laughed.

About 30 min later the guy that I've been calling Mike walks out to the warehouse and tells me that I owe her an apology and need to take a bag of trash out. I asked him if he was kidding. He said "no, why?" or something like that. So I told him the story...

He said that, "she had some dental work done and wasn't feeling good. "
Me, "well if she isn't feeling good enough to take a 3 pound bag of shredded paper out, she shouldn't be at work."
Mike, "So are you going to apologize?"
me, "Fuck that!" I really did say "Fuck that" to a supervisor. I so rock!

He though they were just joking with him, he didn't really know that it happened and that I really did say "no" to a girl.

Mike thought that I would have been nicer, being that she's a girl and all. I just told him that I'm equal and would have said the same to you. In fact I did tell him that I "[didn't] like doing bull shit work" and I was still a temp when I said it too.

So yeah, I'm an asshole :P

The guy that paged me on the 2-way ended up taking the 2 bags out, because he is such a nice guy.

Now if I was already back there, and she would going to help me and not just sit on her ass. Then yes, I would have helped her. But when she had 2 people looking for me and then just sit there and point to it. Yeah.....Fuck that!


bardouble29 said...

ummmmm, wow...ummmmm, I don't even know what to say, it took a few balls to say all that you said today....maybe is she had said please....You always used to do things for me, but then again I never pointed ot demanded or sent people looking for you...who da thunk!

bardouble29 said...

PS- you are NOT an asshole. You know what you want and go after it, maybe you don't finesses, but are not an asshole, you would give the shirt off your back for a friend, or do all most anything for someone you care about. An asshole only thinks about himself...

Chucky said...

Yeah it was just the way she went out about it for such a simple task. it just got under my skin.

Rose said...

Maybe it was more than that. Maye she didn't want to break a nail. :)

Kati said...

Found ya through Dirk & Meander & Em and soooo many other blogs.

I am so LOL that you had the nerve to say that. Dang, soooo many times I've wanted to say something like that at work, but I know I'd get my ass chewed, at the very least, if I did. I have hopes of moving up to a librarian position some day, so I keep my smart-ass comments to myself. But DUDE!!!! That's awesome that you can get away with saying something like that at work, and to your BOSS no less!

And nope, saying this as a woman, I don't think your an asshole for that. Sayin' the truth doesn't make one an asshole, at least not as long as it's not a constant thing.

Chucky said...

Oh man...This post. Ok, so I get a little scared when I see new names, now 2 in a row, that leave a comment.

And to none other than this post. What a first post to read :P

Thanks for stopping by.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

"Better to be a truthfull asshole, than a lieing asshole."
Truer words have never been spoken.

I think you did the right thing but do you think that maybe she was trying to get your attention/flirting?

Chucky said...

no way. She was trying to be cute so she could sucker some boy in to doing her work.

The Wizened Wizard said...

I've hired thousands of people over the last thirty years, and I've also fired quite a few. The reasons for terminating someone run the expected gamut: absenteeism, drug abuse that interferes with performance, accessing porn on company computers, sexual harrassment, theft, etc. Then there are the people who just don't get it: the lazy, the bitchy, the self-important who can't understand the word "teamwork".

Miss Lazy-ass-more-important-than-you should get off her rump and look for ways to add value to her employer's business. (Some people have no idea why they were hired).

The key to your "No" to her is to say it as politely as possible. She asked a ridiculous request; you answered. If she had asked you to help her with something absolutely beyond her physical ability to do, I assume you would have been willing to help (if physically able).

Rant on here on the blog! But play Mr. Reasonable in the office. I hope this is one of those times when the good guy wins... and the bitch ends up job-hunting - although I can't imagine what job she'd be suited for.

RockDog said...

Why couldn't anyone else help her...especially the guy sitting right next to her? Good for you, dude!

BTW...is she really hot?

Dirk_Star said...

Good for you!

It is always about equality until the woman attempts to manipulate a man with her feminine wiles...

I would have done the same thing you did.


Meander said...

i just love this story...lol. do you ever watch the office? this would fit into that show so well. i applaud you for saying no. she didn't give any explanation as to why she thought you should take it out then why should you give any explanation for not wanting to do her bidding.

so uh...chucky...i have this bag of kitty litter which needs to be taken out and uh...i was wondering...

Anonymous said...

WOW! I mean... WOW! That's the funniest shit I've read all day.

"Better to be a truthfull asshole, than a lieing asshole." I agree with whimsical on this, there is nothing wrong with being yourself so long as you are truthful. I personally don't think you're an asshole. You're a smart ass.

wuv, roomie

The Lone Beader said...

That lazy beeeatch. LOL! And, yes, you DO rock, and no, you're not an asshole. =:)

Chucky said...

Meander: Nope, never seen it. Yeah I'll take your kitty litter out if you take mine out ;) (you know, kinda like show me yours and I'll show you mine :P )

Rockdog: I thought she was cute when I first started working there, but the attitude really makes her a zero in my book.

everyone else: Rock on!

Monica said...

HA HA HA. That's beautiful. I love the image of her being horrified that her "charm" wasn't sufficient to make you submit to bullshit. Beautiful. I love a good comeuppance.

Chucky said...

That's for stoppin' by.

This story went over better than I thought it would. Well I know I was going to get some comments, but this just rocks.


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