Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fuck Family

Fuck them all. I don't even know how I can put into words what is going on. It isn't my immediate family so much as it is my Mom's sister and her family. I guess my sister-in-law's family too.

My Aunt's daughter is renter the house from us at below market value. Then had $100 taken off of the rent to keep an eye on the pets that we had there. From what I could remember we had 3 small dogs, 4 cats, and however many kittens.

There are now 3.

Two of the adult cats have been seen, they've been out more so I guess they know how to fend for them self, and one dog.

So yeah my dislike for family has a lot of reason behind it. I really can't wait 'til I am on my own.

p.s. Her rent goes up $200 on the first and will go up again until it reaches market value.

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