Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Office Space

The movie rocked. I own it. Only this post isn't about the movie. Nope, not at all. It is about me and my new job and making bad sentences.
So I got this new job. I've posted about it before. It's easy for me, there are just a few things I don't know. So, I'm in this training stage. Only it's like being told to learn to speak Armenian with nothing but an English to Armenian dictionary. Not really the most ideal way for learning, at least not for me.

So I got called into the big man's office today around 4pm. It started off asking how I was going. Asked me if I liked it. I said to give me all that you got to give. I also pointed out the problem, that they know of too, in this way of learning. I've hit a wall. My question now is, "why this?" or "why like that?" Not something you really can read from a floor plan. It then went on to we need to get you away from the girls. What?! So there are two lovely ladies that sit up there. Do I talk to 'em a lil. yeah. Do I stop what they are doing and talk about quantum physics? Nope.

He told me just to go outside. I'm sorry, I thought I was doing that about 20 min before I got called in to your office, no I didn't say that just thought it. But zOMGz0r, he's seen me talking to them. Then said that he wasn't trying to just point me out that it was just as easy for them to talk to me.

If funny how this day started off vs. how it ended. I had a nice button up shirt on. I put some thought on the way I looked today. I was thinking that since I'm working in an office now, I should see if dressing up helps. It does. I got the GQ comments and all. One of the girls, well the one he named, even said "nice shirt." I said, "It's brand new" and then she said "nu-uh". (take that you e-lit majors :P ) I got my work done. I was a good day.

So I can't help but wonder. what happens to me if I can't take the sitting at a desk all day...all week? Should I just quit and get it over with? Would he give me my old job back? Who knows? It's not the job, the job is easy...it's the being at the desk all the time that is the problem. This is the longest I have ever been stuck at a desk. I'm just not used to it. I give me 3-6 months and this should be a good job or I'll be fired.


bardouble29 said...

Poor thing...did you at least ask her to go bowling? I wanna see your new shirt. Take a picture.

Dirk_Star said...

Want to see some “real” flower power?

Chucky said...


Anonymous said...

you're too funny. i liked the shirt too.


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