Saturday, December 23, 2006

The morning after

Ok as you can see by my last post it was a long night. It was a lot of fun though. It is now just about 24 hours later. I can say that I feel a lot better, but I don't want anything to drink. I think I'm good for a week or so. But I think I can say no more Tabasco shots. Those are just bad. Well lets take a look at what all I had to drink

  1. Miller Genuine Draft
  2. Miller Genuine Draft
  3. Miller Genuine Draft
  4. Miller Genuine Draft (I think I had 4)
  5. White Russian
  6. Cazadores Tequila shot (one of those mini bottles)
  7. White Russian
  8. Prairie Fire shot ( think that was what it was called)

yeah needless to say it didn't all stay down.

We also got DVDs and a gift cards again along with the Christmas Bonus cash. I ended up getting Elf, but some how came home with Elf and Bewitched, but no gift card. Some time during the lunch part some one took my gift card, but I'm not too worried about that I'm not a big fan of John's Incredible Pizza. I'm going to spend the bonus on my El Camino. Seems only right being a car guy and all.

McDonald's does have a good hangover menu. I went there around 3pm, ended up taking a long way to get there thanks to the stupid train stopped on the tracks. I ended up raping their 99 cent menu. Three double Cheese burgers with no pickles. Good stuff and I still got one left.

I just can't wait till I go to work Tuesday, see what they got to say about me. It was fun though, hanging out with the guys after work. I know I held my own way better than some of the others did last night. That's Fo Sho.

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bardouble29 said...

all I can say is DAMN!!! You hung with the least you weren't the one hugging the


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