Monday, December 18, 2006

I now have seen the light.

Ok, you know when you are just thinking of a movie you like or something like that. Well I was thinking of the quote "sounds like some body has a case of the Mondays". Everyone who has seen Office space should know what I'm talkin about. Heck, it's even a ring tone for when some one calls me. Well then it came to me. My boss where I work. He IS Bill Lumbergh, from office space. Ok, maybe he doesn't look like him..he isn't that tall. But holy cow that IS him. I'm sure they both get off on having people work on Saturdays, well not so much here cause it'd be over time. I never have worked with a movie star before, and a star from a movie I like and own....*super star*

Yeah, so I got called into the office again today. Wasn't even at work 30 min, before he sent his key grip after me. No no he isn't the key Grip...that would be that X dude I've talked about before. I wonder if I could get fired for typing about work in my blog. It seems like I already got one foot out the door. I'm also thinking about asking them to put me back out in the field. Right now, I am not ready for an office job. I start doing more stupid shit, and ends up getting me in trouble.

Damn, can't find any music I want to play right now.

oh yeah....heater...toes are cold...


bardouble29 said...

poor Chucky, now what did you get in trouble for?

RockDog said...

Chucky! You're the movie man...that sound like a cool job!...when you aren't getting in trouble!

Anonymous said...

"umm yea, i'm gonna need you to come in on Sunday too." i can't believe you got in trouble again. all you do is sit quiet at your drafting table.


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