Monday, December 04, 2006

Lotsa little things in one post...lets see how this works out.

Well. I'm going to ask the hot chick at work out to bowling this weekend. Then I told a buddy of mine I was going to do...well we were talkin' about it first. I wanted to see what he, they thought my odds were. They started off at: 0%, 20%, 20%, 50%. Well, now I've moved on to: "you two could work out" ('cause we're both very random), 40%, 40%, last is still a 50%. So then one of the guys got three pennies. Heads would be a yes, Tales..well you get the point. Tossed 'em up in the air and they landed on the ground. Get this....all heads. Now, I do know it doesn't work that easy but it did make me laugh. I don't know when I'll ask, but I will. Tomorrow. Oh, then I'll blog :P

Yeah, I know I said I was going to give up. But after talking with my mommy and hearing how much my dad had to do to get my mom. Well, I thought the least I could do was ask her to a simple game of bowling. I'm not even a good bowler. My all time high score is only 126 or so.

Ok what else. The batteries on my mouse are about dead. So I got the mouse charging while typing this. Oh and Chunky Classic Chicken Noodle soup is da bomb!

Working all day in the office is starting to suck. Though I did buy me a nicer button up shirt to put on tomorrow. It still sucks non-the-less.

Damn, I know I got a ton more I want to blog about. How about how slow my computer is going right now. Eh, I guess y'all will have to just live with what I post. Though, I got that feeling like I forgot something.


bardouble29 said...

Let me know the outcome...

Chucky said...

the short of the story.

I asked.

She is going out of town.

I didn't ask about "what about next week/month/year"


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