Thursday, December 14, 2006

I like me for me

me at work

Who the heck sings that song... oh yeah, Third Eye Blind. Good song. I was also singing, once, twice, three times a lady to my office roomie. Well, just that one was cute. It was also on the radio. Then she was singing the animal cracker song. Well, just part of it and I was eating animal crackers. mmm good stuff. Then there was this one time at band camp.....Ha! just kidding. I never went to band camp. But I was in band:
Only I never got to go. 'Cause I kinda sucked. It's kind of a sad story too. I must have played for 6 years or so, still sucked. I just didn't put the time into it. It was still a fun class, 'till I had to drop it to take a keyboarding class. That sucked too. Ok my Drama class was fun but I only took it half a year. I thought it would be fun to take AP English my senior year, well I failed the first semester. Who'da thunk it? I didn't want to read Homer's Iliad. Freaking huge ass book, who would want to read it?! So I didn't. I got my big fat F and well....I needed to pass that class, or I wouldn't be doin' the long walk with the rest of the class of 2000. I'd be 2000½ or something like that. That would just suck, so I ended up taking a Drama class. That was fun too, well not just taking a class after missing the whole first half of it. All I wanted was to be a 2.0GPA kid, and that's all I was. I got my A and B in AP Physics. Did an engineering contest my last two years. I should have won that first year too...
Oh well. No point thinking of what could have, should have, or would have been. I can just spend way to much time doing that.


bardouble29 said... two favorite people singing to eachother...who da thunk..

RockDog said...

Will there be an album released...any tour dates???

Steven Novak said...

You like you for you...I hate me for me...

We're alike...yet, not really. :)



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