Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas party -- For The Win

Or maybe it should be for the lose?

it is now 1:10 and I just woke up with a monster headache. All I know is that I might have had too much to drink. I ended up taking a shot of something nasty. It was bacardi 151, Tequila and the kicker.....Tabasco sauce. The out come...not good. Though, only the 2nd time I have puked. yup, all because of that F'ing shot. But at least I did it. I got no clue what time I came home, but I know I didn't drive home. Heck I even got cut off from the bar at the restaurant. And my eye balls hurt. I couldn't even order water, that's how cut off I was. Ok maybe I was trying to order water and two beers......maybe. But I wanted the water, and that's what I am drinking now. Nothing like having the taste of puke in your mouth. It's really gross.

So I ended up going to a gas station for my water. That is what I am drinking now. I knew that shot wasn't going to sit well too. It had fucking Tabasco sauce in it. What kind of shot has Tabasco sauce in it?!?!! You don't even buy that unless you wish bad things upon them. At least I waited for most of the people to leave before I did that. Ended up puking up in a trash can out side. It was a nice green one too. I remember a co worker holding the door open for me, what a guy. Then I went back in to order a water. But nope. Cut off.

I just want to be able to go back to sleep for a few more hours. Well I'm going to go back to sleep. or try to at least. What should I label this as?!?


RockDog said...

Chucky! Partying like a rock star!

Good luck with that hangover!

Happy Holidaze!

bardouble29 said...

Poor Chucky, sounds like you had a load of fun...and puking. EWWWW! Tabasco Sauce is ucky!! Never do a shot with that crap in it...lesson learned.

The Lone Beader said...

Well, it must not have been a good nite, because you seem to remember most of it. LOL!

Cheers from Boston=:)


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