Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I have sand in my Vagina

Ok, so I came home from work kind of crabby. Just tired and run down...

Ok, so I don't really. ahhh memories of work. We were unloading the pad truck. This is the pad that you have under your carpet, it's about 50-70 pounds a roll. Well I think this was with the cheap shit. it's like 5 pounds a roll, and only goes in the cheapest of apartments. Well, we were unloading it none the less. Then while passing by the guy named eSteve. I said, "Hey Steve, I know why are're cranky..." then when I passed by him coming out " have too much sand in your vagina!"

ahh the good ol' days.

They fucking fired Steve today. That was a shock to us all. I thought I would be going out the door before he would be. But it would see that the boss man wants to keep me around. Seeing as he has been putting up with my shit. And I've been shittin' a lot. Heck, we had free lunch today. WooHoo free food! It was Deli samich stuff, it works. Well 4pm comes across and I want more food. We get off at 5. So I made another samich, and sat down and ate it at a desk and didn't try to hide it or move when the boss walked in. And they fire the other guy. I don't understand it. I guess that's what happens when you stand out like I have been. Though I don't always think it is a good thing. Sometimes it would be nice just to be a happy little worker bee. Nope not me. I'm the kid poking at the hive with a stick to see what happens. I hope they aren't killer bees.

Steve would take calls from superintendents even after hours. He was even getting calls at our Christmas party. They fired him. So, all that says to me is that there is no point giving any place 110% of you. Heck, I'm not even giving 100% anymore. Ever since I couldn't take time off for school, 4 months ago or something, I have been doing just enough it would seem...not get fired.

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bardouble29 said...

Interesting title...ya you had my attention...I was surprised they fired Steve too. Hope today is better.


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