Friday, December 01, 2006

Life is Grand

No I am not talking about the game of life. You do not pass GO nor do you collect $200. This is just the real life that we all, for the most part, have. Right now, it could better for me. But all in all it is going just fine for me. Ok, it could be a lot better. It could also be well not so good. I've had enough "not so good" days. So I am just fine with this. Sure, I don't have that someone right now. It's probably my fault, eh, whatever. My job is going good. Well, other then getting written up the other day. Heck, all will be just fine in 6 months, as long as I don't get my self fired. I know...I wont get my self fired, I just seem to like being on that line. I can't just seem to shut up and just do my job. Nope. I get up, walk around, play around, just about anything else you shouldn't do on a job. Maybe it just sucks because this is the longest that I've had an office job. I like working out in the field so much better, but this is good for my resume. So, I guess I'll keep it.

Dang, it is past my bed time.


Dirk_Star said...


Meander said...

that dirk has been ring a linging all day! i wonder what it means?

i just love how you write...unpretentious and totally genuine. you rock chucky!

Chucky said...

Thank you Meander. That made me smile.

Good thing I only have 5 readers, what would I do if I had as many as you ;)

I ringed Mr. Star right back, so it's all good.

Anonymous said...

i didn't know you got written up the other day. wtf? i've think i've lost my title to rumor control.


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