Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter is today

Hum. What can I say. Had lunch with my dad and grandmama. My youngest brother was M.I.A. I called him a few hours ago and he was out getting drunk (with photo proof!). Not bad for a 19 year old who isn't even done with high school yet. But I'm not going to blog about family, so enough of that.

Some how I ended up having to BBQ the steaks. I tried to get my daddy to do it but it was a no go. I may not be a good cook but I sure al hell can BBQ :) I'll even BBQ bologna if that is all that I have!

The past few days I have been soooooooo busy at work. I haven't even had the time to say good morning to all my great co-workers, well just the ones that come in at 7:00.

Thursday. The day started out nice and full. Then about 11 it just got crazy full. I had to tell the bosses a few times that I was full...I and no more time....don't give...They gave me more work. I wasn't able to take a lunch 'til 1:00, but I did make sure to take a full hour. I was kind of cheated out of my breaks, but I can deal with that. So, one appointment I wasn't able to make 'cause one simple install ended up lasting 2 freaking hours!!! So I had X do it. Then there was one set for 4-5 that I didn't even make! I wasn't even able to do my 3-4 apt 'till 4:40. That is how far behind I was. I had to drive all over the place. I didn't even make it back to the shop until 5:15. At this point in time I don't want to work one minute past five. I don't need that extra $5 (or what ever it is) of over time.

Friday. I turn in some of the paper work from the way too busy day before. I tell XYZ that I had too much work. Case -N- Point, I wasn't able to get it all done. Then I turn out and walk out side. Well he finds me before I even make it to the other warehouse. He said that they were all one hour apart. I said yup. He then told me that I needed to move faster. I asked him if he wanted me to speed? He never did answer me. I don't think he likes me very much. But I think he's a fucking idiot, so it's ok =)

I ended up working all day at Pelco, not really a bad thing it just isn't any fun. We didn't end up taking out lunch until 1 o'clock again. We went back to the shop as everyone else was clocking back in. That is were our boss asked my co-worker if we were just going to take a 30 min lunch and get back out there. And he said.........No. I would have said "Sure, but does that mean I get to go home at 4:30?" We were both done eating within 30 min, so we could have. But we both didn't want to. So that's all good. I had 30 more min to sit back and do nothing.

Now this week I have asked that Thursday and Friday I have no jobs. I wanted two days to be able to get my inventory done right. It should be me last time =)

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Damn! I hope this week is much better than last week.

The Lone Beader said...

You had steak on Easter?? That is awesome:) And, you don't BBQ bologna; you fry it=:)


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