Wednesday, April 04, 2007

There, How about that?

You can't even say that with out sounding like a lame 15 year old talking back to their parents. This was the reply I got from a "supervisor" at work. I use the quotes because he is a supervisor by title only. Not in the way he works.

It pissed me off. Alot! Here is how it went down.

Well he didn't come to work 'til 7:30 (I started at 7:00, he should have started at 6:00. There is a reason, but doesn't matter). By this time we already had out morning meeting and I'm out doing my thing. I got my day planned, and it's all good. Got enough work to keep my busy, but not over worked. I know what stops I got to make and when to make them. (I get mad just thinking of what a
fucktard he is) Well some time mid morning he tells me that I have an appointment after lunch. It's with a home owner, so it's not like I can't really change it. Well that just messed up my whole afternoon.

So I ended up talking to Mikro, didn't really want to he was just there. So I asked what I should do. I know you can only sweep so much crap under a rug and there is no more room with this guy. So I had to tell his boss what happened. How it made me feel and that it was just uncalled for supervisor or not.

I get off at 5:00. I pull up to the shop around 4:30ish. Called up his boss and asked his boss to come on out. Saying that I had something to talk about.

I told him what I did and the reply that I got back. I was told that he is a supervisor. I told the bossman that that is no reason to piss me off. Well he ended up giving a lot of reason why he is acting the way he is.

I'm thinking to my self that is why he has a "supervisor" title. It is to deal with shit like this. It is to talk to people. And it isn't to piss me the fuck off.

There is another guy who does just about the same job, just with the carpet side of things. He deals with MORE superintends and gets paid LESS. He doesn't even have a neato title.

Well anyways at the end of my little talk that I had. I told the boss man I just wanted communication. Good communication, bad communication, what ever it is as long as it's communication. That I didn't want things to go back to having no communication like it was a month ago.

The last time I checked I wasn't in the military anymore. Respect goes both ways. I demand respect just like he does. If he isn't going to respect me then fuck him!

I kinda wounder if I would be like this if I wasn't going to quit my job. I think I would do the same thing even if I wasn't going to quit my job. That is just the way I am. I guess I got the military to thank for that.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

You're right respect goes both ways and your "supervisor" should know that.

Sorry you have to deal with such a fucktard (but not for much longer).

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Happy Easter!


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