Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So then he said.

Well as some of y'all know Monday I put in my two week notice. Woohoo! Just 8 more days of work. I did get to know some really cool people working there the past 16 months or so. Thanks to myspace.com and cell phones I know I'll at least be able to keep in touch. Do the random "hi hi."

And the part y'all want to know. What the boss man said.

The day: Monday

Time: 7:40am

Place: work

I was going to wait until 8am to tell him, I just couldn't wait that long. I clocked in at 7:00. The morning was cool. Something was different on this day though, much unlike any other morning. It was me. I had a smile on my face. Not just any "I'm glad I got my home work done" smile. This was more like the "I just had sex with two really really hot Russian tennis players!" kind of smile. Mikro even asked me why I had such a smile on my face, I didn't tell him the reason. He then asked me again. Ok, so one time was before I told the boss and one time was after I told him.
It went a little something like this:
Sir, you got a minute?
as he sits there facing his computer screen doing the e-mail thing, I guess.
So I walk in to his office, right next in between two nice wood framed chairs. I put my hands on the back of those chairs and told him....
I quit.
Holy crap he turned and faced me fast. Almost like in the cartoons where the chair would turn, then after that the body sitting in the chair would turn. I think he might have even snapped his neck. Yeah, it was that bad.

Yeah, this is my two week notice

Do you got another job already?

Nope, going to school.


Yeah, starts May 22. In Long Beach.

oh, ok.

It was short and to the point. He didn't even see it coming.

The funny this is this. I thought that the news that I just quit would fly around the office. Well, it didn't. I was kind of sad by this. It wasn't 'til lunch that I took the apartment chick to lunch when I told her my self. I even had to tell her twice. Heck, even today there were people that still didn't know. Well everyone who matters knows by now. Some even knew before.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Sorry you didn't get the reaction you wanted but at least it felt good to do it.

Anonymous said...

I feel special that i knew before. I can' honestly say that things won't be the same once your gone.

And what a fuck bag (yah, I said it!)of Mikro to act like he didn't know when he asked you the 2nd time. Blagh.


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