Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm gonna miss you

There are a few people that I'm really going to miss. It's kinda sad when I think about it. The face that I've become friends with some of my co-workers and now that it is coming to an end there is a very good chance that I will never see them again. Sure I can call, leave comments on, even text message. That only last for so long. It's still not like I can hang out with them, though I guess I never really did.

I have had a lot of fun times at work. I tell people I'm not going to miss the job at all, just some of the people. I only got nine hours of work left well 10 if you want to count lunch. How does one make the most of their last day? Well, so far I asked Mikro to put my replacement in my spot tomorrow. That way if he has any questions he could just ask me. The main reason for this is the fact that I just don't want to do anything tomorrow. At all. Well I don't want to do anything other than nothing at all. =) Just want to sit back with my feet up. It is my last day after all.

This one's for you!

1 comment:

Echo said...

It is going to be soooo different without you at work. It's been fun though!


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