Sunday, November 26, 2006

The game of life

and I lost.

Well I was the first one done, but I went through it so fast that I didn't get to get and on the real money. Well, other than having a good paying job and a house (cave) that was low rent. Ok, so it might have been Sponge bob square pants life. We also played Clue and Sorry, just not in that order. I think I liked playing the game Sorry the most. It was good stuff.

I didn't take many pictures today, didn't really do much to day. My Grandmama and daddy went down to the big ol' screen on Fremont street, but they didn't stop. Right now they are kinda packing up and I am just typing away in the kitchen. Well it's not like I got that much to pack anyways. I only came up here with one bag, that I packed the night before leaving ;)


Dirk_Star said...

Yo, sup, homey?

Just surfing and saying, "Hallo!"

bardouble29 said...

I love playing board games...

Chucky said...

Maybe we should play one, one of these days.


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