Monday, June 11, 2007

Title this.

Ok so it would seem that most of my titles don't really mean much. But eh, they are a title non-the-less. I've started running, well jogging, after work today. Just something siple to start off with. I ran from the apartment to the beach. It's only twn blocks but it is a nice place to start. I can always run to the beach, then do some running on the beach. I'm going to do it every day after work / school. There is just no way that I'm going to get up in time to go before school. I just don't roll that way. This school is going to put me in shape, that's for sure.

I went to the doc last Friday. It would seem that I put a tiny hole in my tympanic membrane (ear drum) in my left ear.

He also gave me some flunisolide.
I'm not too sure just how bad that is, but I can still hear out of it so that's good.

Humm it seemed like I had so much more to blog about today, oh well.

ps. That isn't a picture of me, but it is one of my roomies. Not like you would be able to tell that it wasn't me anyways. That was from last week when we did are teabag dives. Fun stuff!


Bardouble29 said...

Good Stuff! Your gonna come back looking all hot from all the running!

captain corky said...

I wish I lived by the beach. Do you swim a lot?

Chucky said...

Well it would seem that every Tuesday and Thursday I'm starting the day off by doing PT in the harbor. So, yeah. I'm starting to swim a lot.

No point being a diver if I can't swim ;)

EvilAuntJackie said...

Yeah we would've never known if it was you in there--you should've just lied! LOL!

Damn, every time you post something, Corky comes back with a "I wish I was [insert Chucky activity here]... I think he's going through a little anxiety! :P

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope your ear gets better.


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