Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm not dead yet

You may think that after the weekend I had that I might not make it back.

Ha ok now I got something to blog about.

Ok so yesterday I get this e-mail from eHarm (ha sounds so wrong when I shorten it up) that this chica wanted to message me. Well hum, ok. Only that means I got to pay, well fuck. SO I do it. Maybe she could be really cool chick or something, right? Only one way to find out. Oh! this could end with a happy ending.

So we do those steps and what not in one day. It would seem we both were spending too much time at the computer yesterday. Ok whatever.

Then I asked for her myspace, just to get a better idea of who she is. I even sent mine in good faith. (ha! I'll pause while you go lookin for my myspace, the link is on the right!) Well, she just sends a message back askin for my yahoo or aim info...that thief too url and kept it! Come on now.

SO a few min go by and we're chattin it up on yahoo. Then, I'll quote her...

I can tell based upon your myspace that we are very different.
What come on now, she hasn't even sent me her url yet! Geez people.

Ok..... story on :P Oh and mind you I only had 50:50 odds on this anyways. so, it's not any sweat off my balls.

and some more convo like this...

[20:36] Boy: eh
[20:36] Boy: I dunno
[20:37] Boy: I thought about that when I put the link in there
[20:37] Boy: Thinking....hummm
[20:37] Girl: lol
[20:37] Girl: yeah... myspace is a good way to figure out who people really are
[20:37] Boy: yeah
[20:37] Boy: part of me
[20:37] Girl: yep
So she is judging me from my myspace.com profile and still hasn't givin' me her addy. This is a fair fight...

So yeah, this brings a smile to my face. Only now I'm out the money I could have spent on my parking ticket! Fuck! :P


EDIT: LOL good thing she didn't see the Hooters (link to those is also on the right) pictures. I don't think she'd talk to me anymore!


Bardouble29 said...

All I gotta say is....DAMMMMNNNN!

Echo said...

"myspace is a good place to figure out who people really are"???? That's preposterous! If that were the truth, everyone would be making $250,000 and up, post really bad pictures of themselves without airbrushing, and actually 300+ friends they talk to everyday. What a hobag for not giving you her addy to judge her ass too.

Chucky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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