Friday, August 31, 2007

Stupid iPod crap

So I need to get some speakers for work. The boss man doesn't like me having headphones on. So I asked if having a radio would be ok. He did the umm...yeah...well....umm....Then I pointed out that it would be something just like what he has for his iPod in his office. So he said that would be ok.

SO I went to bestbuy on my way home today. Looking to buy some speakers for my NOT an iPod mp3 player. Only everything they have has the useless stupid iPod dock. Just what good is that going to do me? None. That and even the cheapest junk that had an "i" in the name cost at least $100. That's just crap!

Stupid useless iPod crap.

aww fuck. the dock thing that I'd like to have. Does everything I only cost $200. That's crap too!

I'll just stay in my room and watch least that doesn't cost anything. Geez

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The Lone Beader said...

Now you have ME looking at Creative Zens... I have a Creative Zen Xtra, but they don't sell them anymore, and I don't think any docks would work for it... not sure though. Technology is such a scam...

Hope you're enjoying the porn. LOL.


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