Thursday, August 30, 2007

I passed.

On the practical, the part that I was worried about, I ended up with a 91% on that. Needed an 80% to pass with no retakes. So that made my day. I was the first to go up on Tuesday. Everyone is out of the room, just me and the teach.

Today I had the hardest half a day ever. Had two finals. The first one taking 2 hours to complete. I ended up bombing part of that. I got a 75 on that, I forget what I got on the other half. Over all I ended up with a B in that class. The after noon class, the one with the practical, I ended up getting an A in. So I think my G.P.A. is someplace around 3.6 or so.

I got to get my brothers address so I can stick this letter in the mail. Just something I did up real fast at work.

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captain corky said...

Congrats dude! That's big time.


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