Sunday, August 12, 2007

opposites attract?

So I went up to lake Arrowhead yesterday. It was nice. I met a friend up there. I had the worlds best ice cream cone....mmmm. Good! It was a waffle cone with two scoops of Dreyer's rocky road.
I ended up meeting that girl that Judged me right off the start. So we've gotten to know each other better now. It is just funny how we match "
based on [eHarm's] rigorous 29 Dimensions scale. With this level of compatibility, we believe you two will have a lot to talk about and may even find true love together." Only we have NOTHING in common. He's how it went.

We'll play a game of I like // she likes.
x-games // Olympics
winter Olympics // Summer Olympics
blue // blue
dark blue // light blue
trucks // cars
Mel Brooks // Stephen Spielberg

and there was sooo much more that I can't remember right now.

It fine though. Not like I was planning on sweeping her off her feet. I knew were are very different people. Below is a map. The blue is what I took to get there. The Red....Well that's the way I came back :) I kind of just want my own way. Not the best way ;)

The best part about it...I got lost 2 times going up there. The first time I found myself, the second...well I was lost on a mountain. Good times though. I've gotten lost a bunch of times so it's ok.


The Lone Beader said...

If you like trucks and she likes cars, then it could possibly be a match - El Caminos are the best of both worlds=:)

Anonymous said...

LOL at beader's comment. At least you got a road trip out of it :)

Anonymous said...

hummm i like both cars and trucks... but i have to say that el caminos are in a class on their own....

Super Terrific T said...

I have a feeling that it was worth meeting this girl ;)


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