Saturday, September 01, 2007


I got some strong view on it. Might be because where I grew up, might be what I see on the news, but they are mine.

I think if you come to this country you you speak English. When I go to the DMV there shouldn't be forums in ANY language other than English. When my grandma came here from Germany do you think there were any forums in German? None at all. And I'm going to take a guess that she had a forum or two to fill out coming here.

I don't even like talking to tech support (not that I have to do that much) when they outsource it bangladad or some shit like that. That is just stupid on American law makers....For the people, Ha!

side note: what would happen if we changed from a two party (Rep & Dem) to just one party. Why do you have to be on side A or B?

Corporations, entire industries and other special interest groups spent a record $2.14 billion on lobbying members of Congress and 220 other federal agencies last year,

It would be nice if the Government wasn't paid for by big business. Oh well.

back to my main point: I don't consider my self to be an immigrant, seeing as I was born and raised in California. Even my parents were born in California. So I came from California. See where I'm going with this. My family history goes a lil like this:

Dad's - Mom -- From Germany
Dad's - Dad -- From Armenia
Mom's - Mom -- From ?? (Cali I think)
Mom's - Dad -- ??

So yeah I know a lot more from my Dad's side. Seeing as both my Granddaddy's passed away before 1982 (year of Chucky) and my Mom's mom passed away 7 years or so ago. So I don't know much of my Mom's side of the family history.

This all came up with something a co worker said they other day. He said, "Unless you're an Indian. Everyone is an immigrant." I just don't agree with it.

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