Thursday, July 19, 2007


Does anyone want one, or 7?

I live in a 6 bed room apartment. Right now, counting me, there are 8 people living here. Before I moved down here I was living on my own in a one bedroom house. This is a big change. It isn't bad...I just don't like it. Oh well. I'm kind of stuck here right now.

When I buy something I buy name brand food that I like. I don't mind if roommates eat it, it's going to happen with this many people, but they replace it with whatever they find for the cheap nameless crap.


I still wonder if I'll get a reply. Just a reply and I can go from there. This one even plays Call Of Duty 2 on XBOX 360. That is wicked awesome!


Anonymous said...

don't you miss your kitties now?

Chucky said...

They were better roomies.

At least they knew how to use the poopie box :P

captain corky said...

Good luck with the roommates. I don't think I could do it again. Well, we just got a new one so that's not exactly true. :)


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