Monday, July 23, 2007

Roommates birthday weekend

Saturday was my roomy's 23rd birthday. Started drinking around 4pm, then moved on to playing a game of flip cup. That was a first time for me. I know we went through at least five 30 packs of miller light. That's just crazy talk. I called it a night around midnight.

good thing is no one got in a fight. Though it did get close. Since when does going to prison and being on parole make you hard core? So then the guy who used to live on this street pull out the parole card, as if to prove it. So my roommate and his brother pull out their S.C.B.A. cards. So, that went no where. But, it did last about an hour.

Well, here are the pictures =)


Anonymous said...

LOL. Party pics are the best. I especially like the butt crack shot. What is it about drinking that makes boys wanna fight? harrddcorhmann.

Aunt Jackie said...

fun fun fun ;)

The Lone Beader said...

Yea. Nice crack. LOL!

Bardouble29 said...

Man those guys look pretty make me laugh! You are always the camera guy.


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