Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Boy vs Girl

[23:50] Girl: nothing scary on eharmony... I guess all my judgements were based on your myspace profile, lol
ahh that's just great.

Oh well, not like anything would have worked out anyways. But damn.

BTW: airheads are the best candy ever! It even wasn't that bad of a movie.

[23:59] Girl: So, do you want to know the list of what's wrong with your myspace, lol
[23:59] Girl: At least to me
[23:59] Chucky_5150: sure
[23:59] Girl: :P
[23:59] Chucky_5150: I'm sure it's a lot :P
[00:00] Girl: well, I did say the list
[00:00] Girl: Background for one
[00:00] Chucky_5150: :)
[00:00] Chucky_5150: yeah
[00:00] Girl: lol
[00:00] Chucky_5150: hooters chick
[00:00] Chucky_5150: for 2
[00:00] Girl: yep
[00:00] Chucky_5150: aww come on ;)
[00:00] Girl: multiple pics of you drinking
[00:01] Chucky_5150: it was my birthday
[00:01] Girl: I was going to say the hooters chick too, lol
[00:01] Chucky_5150: but I knew that too
[00:01] Girl: yeah, but that was my first impression... how was I to know it was only a once a year type of thing
[00:01] Chucky_5150: eh
[00:02] Girl: And that still doesn't erase the background either
[00:02] Girl: :P
[00:02] Chucky_5150: :)
[00:02] Girl: And the majority of all your "friends" on myspace seem to be girls
[00:02] Girl: I think that's the end of my list
[00:03] Chucky_5150: well, to each their own

Awww good stuff


captain corky said...

I liked the movie Airheads. Don't remember the candy real well.

Bardouble29 said...

The candy is awesome!

And you should have told her damn straight, there are chicks on your friend list and they are all your best friends!!!

The Lone Beader said...

There is something wrong with that girl... :0

Chucky said...

Yeah. But it's no sweat to me.

I'm cool just proving her wrong =)

Echo said...

I remember eating like 10 of the mystery flavor Airheads so I could figure it out. Does anyone know what the mystery Airhead flavor was? I just remember it being white.

As for the girl, I dunno what to say about her. Sounds like the jealous type. So, she's probably insecure to begin with. No need for that, I say.


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