Thursday, July 05, 2007

My 4th

Since I know just everyone wants to know just what this groovy kid did for his fourth of July, I'll tell ya!

I went to the beach with my roomies. A part of my just wanted to kick it at the casa and veg out.

I guess over all it was good. Just a very long day. (cool my car has a timing chain and NOT a timing belt)

We left for the beach around 11am (way too late if you ask me.) The first plan was to leave at time (still too late I think for the beach on the 4th of July) Got to the beach about 12:30, it is about a 20 min. drive any other day. We didn't end up leaving 'til about 10:15 or so. Then stopped at In-N-Out. Best fast food hamburger ever! Then came home, took a shower, and went to sleep.

One very long day.

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Bardouble29 said...

Looks like you had some fun!


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