Friday, July 06, 2007

Gorski G2000ss

This is the dive helmet that I am mostly sure that I want. I want to try it on. Maybe next time there in a expo in town or so.

It isn't cheap at all. MSRP is around $6,000

And now for a bunch of info that none of y'all really care about :P

The G-2000SS is definitely a Millennium helmet, designed to take safe diving into the 21st Century. Its stainless steel, light weight investment-casting makes this helmet a one of a kind, space age technology piece of equipment.

There is nothing else out there that can compare.

Its all-metal construction makes this helmet easy to adapt and attach auxiliary equipment, such as lights, camera, etc.

The front port (window) is made from the strongest machinable "Lexan" material for extra safety. The mounting holes in the port are individually drilled through, allowing the retaining bolts to pass through the window itself, thus reducing the risk of the window separating from the helmet in the event of a hydrogen explosion during underwater cutting operations.

The helmet has a unique retaining system to lock the neck dam in place as well as securing the helmet on the diver's neck.

The 2nd stage demand capability is the best balanced, easiest breathing regulator in the industry today. The POSEIDON CYCLON 5000 has been tested and approved for depths up to 980 feet of seawater. This regulator has been incorporated to fit within the helmet, where it is fully protected at the lower front portion of the nose area, which is an integral part of the helmet shell. This configuration allows for ready adaptation of a gas reclaim valve assembly.

The Gorsky design does not require a side block, which was replaced instead with a free flow valve in line with the 2nd stage regulator.

The back mounted manifold contains a screen/filter to prevent debris from getting into the second stage, and the two check valve assemblies, one for the main supply and the other for the reserve backup air or gas supply. This configuration allows for 5/16 ID tubing connection between the manifold and the 2nd stage regulator to be encapsulated inside the helmet.

The G-2000SS is a perfectly balanced helmet that weighs in at approximately 29 lbs.

The helmet is uncomplicated and of rugged construction which is easy to maintain.

All valves, regulators, parts, etc. are industry standard brand names.


Anonymous said...

that looks like a heavy helmet...and big... i hope you have lots of fun when you get one..

phishez_rule said...

Wow. If that doesn't protect you from something, its really out to get you!

Bardouble29 said...

All I gots to say is WOW!

The Lone Beader said...

I want to see U in that!!! :)

Chucky said...

I want to see me in it too! =)

I'll be a bad ass welder =)

Echo said...

dang, that helmet looks heavy! bet you're glad your weightless under water. Cool freakin beans.

Chucky said...

it's a light one at 29 pounds. They go up to around 35-39 pounds.

This helmet here is made out of solid stainless stell =)


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