Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A whole lotta......Eh

So, I seem to be in this mood now. I'm not too sure what it is from. I went to sleep at 9pm last night, so I don't think a lack of sleep is the cause. I did find my self saying "freaking boyfriend" a few times today. But, there isn't much I can do about that. Well....I could always take him out Tonya Harding style. I'm sure that would work out just fine.

So it seem like just about everyone worth while has a boyfriend, is married, or getting married. Not such good odds for the home team. The single ones are just....eh. The one at work I was diggin' is just way to full of her self.

I complimented her on the way she looked yesterday. Simple enough, right? All she had to say was thank you. That's just not all she said....

me "Hey _______, you look good today."
Her: "well thank you......Don't I always?"

And the way she said the always part, just irked me.
so I told her, "well yeah, that didn't make you sound like you were full of your self."
She said that she didn't even care. Blah.

So that might have started my mood.

So yeah, today at work was the same kind of story. I didn't have any work today. I ended up splitting my time between cleaning up and doing nothing at all. Not a fun way to spend 10 hours. The last three hours I just wanted to go home. At least there are still some people that can put a smile on my face at work. Or it would just be bad. I don't feel like talking to over half the people there. The one guy I got along good with, they fucking fired (well more like "let go").

I guess thinking about all the debt I'm in / about to be in isn't helping much. The fact that I got no one at work to talk to about my schooling and what I'm up to, doesn't help. But at least I got my blog to rant too.

How many 24 year olds have a plan for what they want to do? I'm guessing most don't. You just kind of get a job and stick with it. If it pays good, then the better it is. I want to do this underwater welding with out even knowing how much money I'll be making. I'm sure it'll pay the bills. It's just something I want to do. I know what I want out of my life, I just don't care how I get there. I can roll with what life does to me. But I just can't seem to find a girl. Oh well, it's not like I'd say if she asked me to. So, maybe it's better this way.


bardouble29 said...

awww...chuckster! girls suck!

Anonymous said...

wow... geeze thanks a lot josh you dont sound like an ass hole at all.

Chucky said...

Taken from the header on this blog:

"This is just a place for me to rant and rave with out really bugging any one or anything. So if I say something you like, YaY. If I say something you don't like, get over it..."

RockDog said...

Plan??? Whats a plan???

Kati said...

LOL Man, you don't know HOW often some of the single girls I know rant about not being able to find a good guy. *sigh* Don't know what to tell ya, I'm guessing that there are girls there in your area looking for a decent man, who are looking right on past, without seeing you. And I'm guessing it may be the same with you. Can't see the forest for the trees, sort of thing, ya know.

I think it's fabulous that you're going to do what you want, career wise, without being concerned about what it pays. Too many people go through life only looking to work to make money so that someday they can "hopefully" do things that they love. Very few of us do what we love, and get paid for it anyway. It's a great thing, being able to do that.

The Lone Beader said...

Its great that you have a plan in your life. Don't worry about the debt. That will take of itself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with lone beader... it's great to go for what you want and you shouldn't have to worry about the debt. You obviously have a plan and once you achieve your goal, your debts will just be part of another plan and take care of itself.

As for girls, you're too picky.

Baron Ectar said...

I dont even remember being 24 but if I was again - I would date until I was 44! Hang in there man - the one will come - job and girl!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Chucky you are right not many 24 year olds know what they want to do with their lives. Hell I'm 37 and I just figured it out. You should be proud.


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