Sunday, February 04, 2007


Today I seen the worlds luckiest squirrel.

I was driving down a country road, going about 65-70. There is a car coming my way, in the other lane. Then at that time there is a squirrel that wants to get to the other side of the street. Only he picks the worst time he could.

He goes across my lane, and into the path of a mini van. He is in the middle of the lane by the time he thought he should turn around and go back to his side. Only it's too late!

The van drives over him! Not over like smash, over like he's still alive just a lil freaked out.

So now the van just went over his lil body and he just wants to get back to where he was. So he comes my way! Ohnoes!

but at last he stops!

and after all this he ends up on the other side of the street...


bardouble29 said...

Poor lil guy, I am so glad you didn't hit him...

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I drove for years and years without hitting any animals (which is pretty amazing considering the wildlife around here). Then one day about three years ago I hit three squirrels. That's right three in one day! Don't look at me like that I tried to avoid all of them! When I hit the first one I felt awful. When I hit the second one I felt like a horrible human being and started to cry. When I hit the third one I figured if they were dumb enough to get hit they deserved it, survival of the fittest and all. At that point I was begining to feel like they were trying to kill themselves using my car. I haven't hit anything since then thank God!

Chucky said...

OMG 3 in a day. That's just insane.

funny how the mood changes.

I've only hit one animal, and it sucked.


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