Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Wednesday

The day before Thursday and the day after yesterday.

At work one of the guys called the Friday after VD, Singles Day. Pff!

So the smart guy that I am....Well, I said that the Friday after that should be Bridge Jumping day!

I got laughs and odd looks by that comment. SCORE! ;)

Is it really so bad being single. I don't think so. I can go to dinner with any friends that I want to. It is real hard to have a bachelor pad if you have a...well another anyways ;)

Do I have any plans for tonight. Well, nothing that me and my right hand man can't take care of (just don't think about that last line for too long).

Maybe I'll toss my cat around the room some :P

One more day and then I'm off! That is what I can't wait for. I'll be sure to blog about that. I need to find my damn camara! Stupid brother has it.

So all in all, I'm not depressed on this day at all.

So this would be my VD post >:)


bardouble29 said...

you my friend have a way with words...I always get a smile from your blog....keep it up and I'll be your Valentine today!

The Lone Beader said...

I agree with Barb. U crack me up. And, who needs Valentine's Day, anyways?? Besides Hallmark...

Anonymous said...

why do you think i call it happy SINGLE awareness day


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