Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my thumb

as you can see i think my nail is going to come off. there is even a hole in the nail. right where new nail should be...there isn't.

So I was talkin to my friend about my thumb and it went a little something like this...

[18:23] Chucky: is it bad to have a hole in your finger nail :|
[18:23] Chucky: :P
[18:23] Michele: ummm... yeah, I probably wouldn't want a hole in my finger
[18:25] Chucky: 'cause the area where there should be new nail.....there isn't
[18:25] Michele: That's not something I'd lose any sleep over...
[18:26] Chucky: but it's my good thumbing thumb!
[18:26] Chucky: I've won thumb wars with it
[18:26] Michele: lol
[18:26] Chucky: without it I'm nothing
[18:27] Chucky: how would I hit the space bar with out it?
[18:27] Chucky: ?!
[18:27] Chucky: youever think about that
[18:27] Chucky: Jerkface!
[18:27] Michele: That's why you have two thumbs
[18:27] Michele: :P
[18:27] Chucky: how about a coffee mug with no thumb
[18:27] Michele: use your other hand... you have two
[18:27] Chucky: people will point (with their thumbs) at me and laugh
[18:28] Michele: Or, we could implant a toe onto your hand ;)
[18:28] Chucky: :o
[18:28] Chucky: really?
[18:28] Michele: I think so
[18:28] Chucky: hum
[18:28] Chucky: I do have nice toes
[18:28] Michele: lol
[18:28] Chucky: wait.!
[18:28] Chucky: what if I want to put on some flip flops?
[18:29] Michele: I didn't say which toe we would take ;)
[18:29] Chucky: yours?
[18:29] Michele: I'm a good friend, but not that good of a friend :P
[18:29] Chucky: awww come on

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