Monday, April 21, 2008


sometimes i wonder what it would be like if i got 50+ comments on any of my lil posts. then i think of what i blog about and wonder why would that many people leave me a comment? i don't even read 50 different blogs. i don't that i've looked at that many in all my life. this is just a place for my thoughts. it is fun to go back and read my old posts.

funny thought: if i got a $1 raise that wouldn't even come out to $25 before taxes. not that i'm going to get any kind of raise.

neato thought: only 10.5 days left!


Anonymous said...

I simply stated that I'd post my boobs if I got to 50 comments.

It worked. And I did.

Aunt Jackie said...

I tried that and still didn't get that many comments, but traffic picked up a little.

I like blogging for myself, but I can't lie... I wish I got more comments and visitors.


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