Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Last

This was the last weekend of boat racing for me.

It wasn't sad. There was an "awwww" moment.

Soon it is going to be my last month, then the last week, last weekend, last day of school, last day of work, last day I see the friends I've made. Last...Last....Last...

Well the good thing is that after every end there is a start of something new. That is almost always a good thing.

Well all in all it was a good weekend.

One of the oil lines almost came off and dumped a lot of oil into the boat after one of the passes on Saturday. So, Saturday afternoon we took the engine out checked something things out (connection rod bearings), then put it back together again. Took about 4 hours total. Had a Steak dinner in the middle of it and a few beers. It was good times.

On Sunday. He broked on his first pass of the day. It was the first time I had to pick him up at the in-ramp. Every other time I put the boat in the water at one end of the track (in-ramp) and take the boat out of the water at the other end (out-ramp), but this time he broke at the staring line. He couldn't get the boat in gear. That does make it hard to race.

After all these problems he still got first in one of the classes (woohoo).

Night Night now.

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The Lone Beader said...

Did someone say steak??????? ;)

Glad you had a good weekend!


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