Thursday, April 17, 2008

10 gallons of fake beer later

Ok so nothing new here. We started off having some after school beers. about five Dos Equis each.

It was good times. Add some peer pressure and we go to a titty bar. Sounds like a fun time.

It was.

Well the places that we went to were all full nude so that means no beer =(

but they did have boobies. Ok I did say something about full nude and that fact that I like mostly nude but still selling beer much better. Something about tacos and roast beef.

Se all we had to drink was fake beer or soda.

well 10 gallons of fake beer later. Makes for one crazy night.

but $40 fucking is way to fucking much for one fuckin lap dance.

plan tomorrow is to have more after school beers.


Anonymous said...

That's odd. You'd think that boobs do go hand in hand with beer.

captain corky said...

Topless and beer is much better than full frontal and fake beer.

The Lone Beader said...

I would have to agree with Corky on that. Plus it's always nice to leave a little to the imagination. ;)

Joshua said...

Heck yeah he's right.

beer and boobies > no beer

Aunt Jackie said...

Memphis is totally nude and still has beer... weird. They're expensive beers, but still, you get bottles. Women get in free. Go figure haha

Joshua said...

So AJ just how much does it cost you to get in?


There is no such thing as a cheap beer in a strip club.


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