Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I wonder

  • What I would be doing if I was still in the Military.
  • If I didn't start this school
  • If I'm losing more friends than I'm making
  • Why I post more here than talk to people
  • How much someone really would know me if they read all 550+ posts
  • Why do I blog so much
  • Why am I making a damn list (oh yeah....just a brain dumb)
  • If things that don't kill you, really do make you stronger.
  • what puts me in this kind of mood.
  • Why does it feel like I have no one to talk to, but at the same time don't want to talk to anyone. I guess if I was talking to people I wouldn't be typing this.

I would like to be able and take a step back and read my blog as someone else. Just to see what I sound like. What kind of person I come across as when you don't even know who / what I am.

Why does it seem like there isn't enough time in the day, but I sit here and do..well..not a whole lot when I get home. "Home is where you make it." Well, I'm not sure I would call THIS home. Long beach sucks. I pretty much moved from one getto to another. Maybe that's why I spend so much time on my computer. I can pretend I am some place else.

I've also started watching Heroes. Good show.

I guess this is enough.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

(((HUGS))) I hope things are clearer and look brighter soon.

And what doesn't kill you only postpones the inevitable.

Chucky said...

Glad to see you stop by =)

The Lone Beader said...

I wonder a lot of the same things you do. Why DO I blog so much?? LOL.

Samantha_K said...

And here I'm wondering, "Why did I eat the whole bag of cookies?"
Your questions are much deeper.
And yeah, I've heard Heroes is a good show. I like the guy that plays Peter...


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