Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 29th, 2007

On that day it will be two years since I got out of the Air Force. So, with that going on in my head I've been wanting to blog. I have also been looking for reasons to not blog.

There is a story that I want to post here. At the same time, I don't want to. I guess it's hard to understand.

It's a story that doesn't really end well. It gets way to close to...well me. I got friends that don't even know that much about me.So I don't know. Maybe I'll just blog about blogging about it. That might just get it out of my system.

I just don't know. two years is a long time. At the same time it goes by in the blink of a eye.

Today I had to call the tow truck out two times for my El Camino. So it just wasn't my day. The first time was because I locked the keys in, well about a month ago I did. I just now went down to my Grammy's to take it for a drive. The weather outside was just great!

So, he gets the keys out. It doesn't take him 5 min to open the door. Nice having the right tools. So I start it up for the driver, he asked if I could. We talked about it some. I chill at my grammy's for awhile, then take off. Well, I get on the freeway, and something just doesn't feel right. This is about 15-20 miles into my 45 mile drive back home.

I get off the freeway and at the first stop light, my car dies. That's never good. Oh yeah, and it wouldn't start back up. Super Duper! So I was just waiting for someone to see the green light, but not see me. Then run right into me. I've seen that happen before. Lets fast forward some. So get a tow back home, 16 miles. It cost $89 but I shall be reimbursed via my insurance.

Maybe it's just the amount of money I've been putting out these past two weeks. I bet that has something to do with being bummed out.

Damn, I've changed so much just in the past year (I went to re-read some posts from March 2006). I hope it for the better. I guess it's a good thing I wasn't posting in March 2005, I don't think those would have to be read by adults only. I still remember that day. The trip the the air port. The lunch. Saying Good bye. All of it. I don't want to forget it, but it also doesn't bring that warm fuzzy feeling.


Em said...

Car stuff frustrates me! We have one car in the shop now. I'm not a "man's man" who can change my brakes and do a valve job or whatever. I know nothing about motors. And it just gets so expensive. Good luck with your El Camino!

The Lone Beader said...

Man, that sucks, Chucky! I hate having to get my car towed. Had to have my Buick towed in October cuz the original starter finally died after 20 years. LOL. But, I have AAA Plus, and for $70/yr., you get 4 tows (up to 100 miles each). With an older/vintage car, you gotta have AAA Plus.

Bardouble29 said...

One of these days you will be able to share about that day.

You have changed and grown my dear friend. I am SO glad that I have had an opportunity to call you friend.

Look at you now, you are getting ready to go to school and do what you really want to do.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

There is nothing more frustrating than car trouble. I'm sorry Chucky.

You'll share the story when you are ready and we will be here to listen.

I hope your week is much better.

captain corky said...

I don't mind spending money like a fool but it always kills me to spend money on my cars. Ridiculous. If you ever want to share your story I'm hear to read it.


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